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AMS Update – Corporate Members & Continuous Improvement

Bear with us!

ARSA is continuing the phased rollout its new association management system (AMS): Contacts from the 17 corporate members have been uploaded – all individuals from paid member organizations now have records and online portal accounts.

For a refresher on ARSA’s membership categories and which organizations fall into each, visit To review the planned process for introducing the new system, review the lead story from the June edition of the hotline “Connecting with ARSA” provided below.

ARSA’s membership team is learning a lot and gathering considerable information about how the new system works (and doesn’t). Addressing technical issues, managing organizational structures, communicating with primary contacts and coordinating with the company that produced the AMS is a full time job for the whole team.

You can help:

(1) Be patient. As with any major software transition, working out the kinks takes time. ARSA’s team is investing resources in getting the AMS right and continuing to provide the services and benefits its members value.
(2) Test the system. If you haven’t already, log into the new secure online member portal. Find your copy of the launch email with the subject “The ARSA Portal is Open!” and follow its instructions. Report back immediately to if you didn’t receive the message or have technical issues accessing the portal. Once inside, test the functions of your dashboard and provide feedback using the inquiry system.
(3) Clean up your organization’s profile. Primary contacts should log into the system and review the employees connected to their membership. Fill out your team by inviting new members and removing those whose information isn’t needed anymore. Primary contacts from corporate members should look out for messages from ARSA’s membership team regarding review of all company and subsidiary information.
(4) Accept system messages. The new AMS sends a variety of automated emails to help you manage your membership and renew on time.  Get “” on your email safe list to ensure it can speak to you.
(5) Answer your phone (or email). Working through these issues can be made easier with some direct feedback from a user. If an ARSA team member contacts you regarding your experience with the new portal, to test a function related to your membership or with any other issue, spare a few minutes and provide some firsthand information.

Stay tuned as ARSA continues to progress through the launch process…

Previous AMS-related notices...

7/23/18 - Learning Opportunities

July 23, 2018

On July 19, ARSA executed phase I of launching its new association management tool. All Regular, Affiliate, Associate, Educational and Military Service Member contacts were sent an official launch email with the subject “The ARSA Portal is Open!” (Corporate Member contacts will be uploaded next.)

To learn more about what this means and how the association’s phased launch will continue, review the lead story from the most-recent edition of the hotline “Connecting with ARSA” provided below.

The association’s membership team is now reviewing data from the launch and addressing technical issues related to certain contacts. You can help – if you haven’t done so already – by finding your copy of the launch email and following its instructions for accessing ARSA’s secure member portal. Report back immediately to if you didn’t receive the message or have technical issues accessing the portal.

To ensure you can receive messages from the system, get “” on your email safe list. This domain is used to distribute automated messages.

Stay tuned as ARSA continues to progress through the launch process…

7/18/18 - Launch Imminent

July 18, 2018

After months of preparation, ARSA is ready to “launch” phase I of its new association management tool. To learn more about what this means and how the association’s phased launch will continue, review the lead from the most-recent edition of the hotline “Connecting with ARSA” provided below.

All Regular, Affiliate, Associate, Educational and Military Service Member contacts will receive a final pre-launch email alerting them that the process has begun. This will be followed by the official launch email with the subject “The ARSA Portal is Open!” (Corporate Member contacts will be uploaded next.)

To make sure every member contact receives the launch message message and gets access to the portal:

(1) Ensure that “” is on your email system’s safe list. The new system uses it to distribute automated messages.
(2) After being alerted by the pre-launch email, check  spam filters and junk mail inbox for 48 hours; if the launch message can’t be found contact ARSA at

Thank you for supporting ARSA.

7/6/18 - Hotline Lead: Connecting With ARSA

July 6, 2018

Hotline Lead: Connecting with ARSA

By Sarah MacLeod, Executive Director & Brett Levanto, Vice President of Communications

ARSA is in the final throes of its transition to a new membership management and industry engagement tool. To ensure all our members can maximize its features, we are taking this opportunity to explain the sequence of events and anticipated outcome.

Phase One: Data Transfer – “Non-Corporate” Members and Contacts

Contact information for affiliate, associate, regular, educational, military or individual members has been uploaded into the new system and is undergoing a quality check. Once that is complete, primary and registered contacts for members in good standing within the listed categories will receive a “launch” message with instructions for accessing the online portal.

The secure access information allows members and registered contacts to immediately manage organizational and personal contact information along with member benefits, communications with the association as well as industry colleagues, pay membership dues and registration for events.


With the launch, access to model manuals, supplements, forms and other resources will become more readily available. Purchases of model manuals will begin through; that “public” link will direct users into the new system’s “store” where purchasers can process credit card transactions and download the relevant files after payment is complete.

Similarly, ARSA members will be able to immediately download versions of members-only resources like the association’s Form E100 and the Working Away Advisory.


Members know – or should know – to “ask ARSA first” when confronted with business or regulatory challenges. Member queries will be managed through the online portal “dashboard” – exchanges will be tracked so that answers and references can readily be found for later review.

New Applications

Thinking of referring a potential member to ARSA? Similar to publications, the application process will begin at; once the information provided has been validated by the membership team, portal access will be granted.

Phase Two: Corporate Members and Other Contacts

As the non-corporate members begin using the system, ARSA will monitor functions and gather feedback. Now and during the phase one launch, the remaining contacts – corporate members, allied organizations and the government – will be uploaded into the system in preparation for their “launch” under phase two.

For corporate members – entities that registered multiple constituent parts, divisions or wholly-owned subsidiaries under a single membership – phase one will be used to validate the system’s company profile structure. The validation will ensure that the phase two on-boarding of the more complicated profiles goes smoothly.

Phase Three and Beyond

ARSA chose the new system to enhance its relationship with members and the aviation industry. After completion of phase one and two, additional features will be introduced –the membership directory, training module and job board, to name just a few.

In the meantime, after you receive a launch message, please utilize the system’s available features and send comments, share your experience, ask questions – thus turning the lessons you learn into a smoother transition process for everyone.

6/19/18 - Member Alert: New Association Management System

June 19, 2018

ARSA is transitioning to a new membership engagement tool. The “association management system” (AMS) will integrate with through an online portal providing direct access for members to information, benefits and resources.

Once the new AMS is unveiled, members will be able to manage the contacts included under their organization, navigate a contact directory, access/purchase publications, register for events, pay invoices and communicate with ARSA’s team and each other.

The ARSA team has spent the first half of the year learning the new system, tailoring it to members’ specific needs and updating procedures to accommodate its various features. The final review of current membership data is underway; it will be uploaded into the AMS shortly.

You will receive a “launch” notice via email when your membership information has been loaded into the new system. The message will include basic instructions for setting up your member portal account and begin exploring.

Stay tuned…

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