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[Updated] International Aviation Policy Resources for Pandemic Response

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Update: This post has been updated to include links to the COVID-19 information pages maintained by each of the national aviation authorities linked below. To jump directly to updates from the FAA, EASA, the UK CAA, TCCA, ANAC Brazil and CASA, click the links in the headings below.

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ICAO Establishing Information Portal

March 27, 2020 

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Airworthiness Panel (AIRP) has established a repository for member states to upload relevant information on policies and procedures instituted to handle virus mitigation measures. Since many states are instituting alleviating measures to help deal with the pandemic and ICAO is considering the official end of the COVID-19 contingency period to be March 2021, a central manner of explaining each state’s measure was instituted.

ICAO will provide each state a letter that will include the common standards references and excerpts most likely needing mitigation and will discuss Article 33 (Recognition of Certificates and Licenses), Article 39 (endorsement of certificates and licenses) and Article 40 (operating internationally when outside of ICAO Standards). The letter will also request states use a template for explaining what is and is not permissible during the crisis period. The letter and responses will be published in English on ICAO’s website at

During an emergency meeting of the AIRP in late March 2020, the several member states reported generally on measures being instituted so when international travel is more prevalent, misunderstandings could be minimized:


  • Generally extending eligible individuals on calendar requirements for medical, pilot, mechanic certificates; also alleviating calendar requirements for air carrier and air agency certificates.
  • Legal counsel is reviewing and examining “blanket” exemptions on certain pressing regulatory requirement.
  • Certificates of airworthiness are still subject to re-registration requirements.


  • EASA has issued templates to member states.
  • While travel restrictions are in place, it is not ready to discuss license extensions for air agencies since remote audits are being considered.
  • Certificates of Airworthiness may be extended 6 months with some mitigating measures—as determined by the NAA; continued airworthiness must be managed by CAMO with a document review and physical survey, which can be extended twice.
  • No extensions are currently being considered for general maintenance tasks; but will address specific calendar maintenance tasks.


Has extended some approved maintenance organizations by 6 months to fully institute other measures allowing remote audits.


  • Currently working to modify aircraft to support medical transport needs, with conformity inspections performed remotely.
  • It is generally following EASA’s recommendations for certificates of airworthiness and maintenance licenses.


  • Issued exemption for ongoing training.
  • License validity continues provided recency requirements are met.
  • Will follow type certificate holder recommendations for any maintenance program extension requests.


  • Six month extension of renewal periods for AME licenses.
  • Approved schools – implementing new policy to allow for alternative learning methods (distance learning) for lecture portion.
  • Deviation from maintenance schedule will depend on circumstance and operators.
  • Currently using deviation process – guidance does not apply to airworthiness limitations (ADs, CMRs, life limits,).  Those items would be addressed via alternate means of compliance process via certification representatives. 
  • Canadian Operators seeking repair stations in US may be allowed to use appropriately rated repair station without the required supplement.


  • ANAC has extended mechanic license for four months, no limit on certificates of airworthiness.
  • CofA has a limit of 6 years.  We changed our regulation last week and there are no longer limits on CofA.
  • Foreign AMO certificates will be extended since audits cannot be performed at this time.
  • Performing desktop review and remote audits of design and production approval holders.
  • Expecting maintenance programs to be followed or seek alternative from the type certificate holder.


  • Certificates of Airworthiness have no limits.
  • AME license must keep recency, since the current situation doesn’t appear to be negatively impacting those requirements.
  • Maintenance organization approvals have been extended 6 months.
  • Airworthiness review has been extended for 6 months (3 year requirements).
  • No extension to maintenance requirements are being considered.

To see ICAO’s general information page on COVID-19, click here.

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