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A.O.G. Reaction, Inc.
AAR Aircraft Component Services-Amsterdam
AAR Composites Florida
AAR Corporation
AAR Engine Component Services
AAR Mars Aircraft Radio Services
AAT Aircraft Maintenance
Able Engineering & Component Services, Inc.
Absolute Aviation Services LLC
Accessories, Inc.
Accessory Technologies Corp.
Accuwright Industries, Inc.
ACSS Repair & Overhaul
Action Aircraft Engine Overhaul
Action Research Corporation
Advantage Aviation Technologies II, LLC
AEE-EMF, Inc. dba Aircraft Electrical Electronics
Aero Accessories, Inc.
AERO Component Repair LLC
Aero Design Services, Inc.
Aero Hydraulics, Inc.
Aero Instruments and Avionics, Inc.
Aero Mechanical Industries
Aero Products Component Services, Inc.
Aero Tire & Tank, LLC
Aero Turbine Components Inc.
AeroBearings, LLC
Aerocerts, Ltd.
Aero-Craft Hydraulics, Inc.
Aerodyne Corporation
Aero-Mach Labs, Inc.
Aeronca, Inc.
AeroRepair Corporation
Aerosource, Inc.
Aerospace Precision, Inc.
Aerospace Turbine Rotables, Inc.
Aerotron AirPower, Inc.
AeroTurbine, Inc.
AerSale, Inc
AgustaWestland Philadelphia Corp.
Ajeton Inc
Air Dallas Instruments, Inc.
Air One Maintenance & Engineering
Air Terminal Services
Air Quality Aviation, Inc.
Air Shunt Instruments
Air Technology Engines, Inc.
Air-Cert, Inc.
Airborne Maintenance and Engineering Services, Inc.
Aircom Avionics, Inc.
Aircraft Ducting Repair, Inc.
Aircraft Electric Motors
Aircraft Inventory Management & Services, Ltd.
Aircraft Inspection Services, Inc.
Aircraft Power and Services, Inc.
Aircraft Propeller Service, Inc.
Aircraft Tooling, Inc.
Airforce Turbine Service, Ltd.
Airframe Components by Williams, Inc.
Airgroup Dynamics, Inc.
Airline Component Parts, Inc.
AirTran Airways
Alkan Air
All Nippon Airways Company, Ltd.
AllFlight Corp.
Alpha Aircraft Services of America
Alpha Avionics LLC
Alsalam Aircraft Company Ltd.
Alticor, Inc.
American Airlines – Tulsa
American Cooler Service, Inc.
American Turbo Systems
Ameritech Industries, Inc.
Ameron Global Product Support
AMETEK Aircraft Parts & Accessories, Inc.
Ametek HSA Inc. dba Aero Components Int’l Corp.
AmSafe Bridport
API Precision Machining
Argo-Tech Corp.
Arkwin Industries, Inc.
ASB Avionics, LLC
Asko Processing, Inc.
Astronautics Corporation of America
ATECH Turbine Components, Inc.
Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings
Auburn Aerospace, Inc.
Austin Aerotech Repair Services, Inc.
Avenir Aviation, LLC
Aviall Battery Shop
Aviall Wheel & Brake
Aviation Component Solutions
Aviation Institute of Maintenance
Aviation Instrument Association
Aviation Instruments Repair Specialists (A.I.R.S.)
Aviation Operation Solutions
Aviation Propellers, Inc.
Aviation Quality Group, Inc.
Aviation Repair Solutions, Inc.
Aviation Safety Bureau
Aviation Safety Products, Inc.
Aviation Specialties Unlimited
Aviation Technical Services
AvidAir International
Avionics Solutions LLC
Avionics Specialist, Inc.
Av8 MRO llc

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B&E Tool Company, Inc.
Baker Aviation Maintenance
Bangor International Airport
Banyan Air Service Avionics Division
Barfield, Inc.
BAX Global
BBA Aviation
Bearing Inspection, Inc.
Bearing Test, Inc.
Bell Helicopter Textron, Inc. Piney Flats TN
Berkley International, Inc.
Bombardier Aerospace
Brim Aviation

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C & M Marine Aviation Services, Inc.
Cadorath Aerospace Lafayette LLC
Cadorath Aerospace, Inc.
Calspan Corporation
Camtronics LLC
Canyon Oaks Propeller, Inc.
Cargo Systems, Inc.
Caribbean Airlines Limited
Carpe Diem Aviation Services of Missouri, Inc.
Carson Services, Inc.
Central Cylinder Service
Centro de Servicio Avemex, S.A. de C.V.
Cessna Aircraft Company
Circle Seal Controls, Inc.
Classic Aviation Inc
Clero Enterprises, Inc.
Commercial Aircraft Ductings, Inc.
Commercial Aircraft Interiors
Columbia Helicopters, Inc.
Commercial Jet, Inc.
Component Control
Component Repair Management, Inc.
Component Repair Technologies, Inc.
Compressed Gas Systems, LLC
Continental Airlines
Coopesa, R.L.
Cosgrove Aircraft Service, Inc.
Cox Airparts
CP Avia Support
Cross-Check Aviation
Crucial Air Support, LLC
Crystal Avionics, LLC
CSI Aerospace, Inc.
CTL Aerospace, Inc. Aviation Repair and Overhaul Division
Curtiss Wright Controls, Inc.

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Danbury Aerospace
Dassault Falcon Jet
DCI Aerotech
Delegated Engineering Representatives Services Group, Inc.
Delta Air Lines, Inc.
Depot Avionics, Inc.
Derco Repair Services
Director of Maintenance Magazine
DK Turbines LLC

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E.B. Airfoils
E.U.A. Air Support, Inc.
Elite Aerospace, Inc.
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Empire Airlines
Erickson Air-Crane, Inc.
Erie Aviation, Inc.
Esterline – Hytek Finishes
EuroTec Vertical Flight Solutions, LLC
Evans Composites, Inc.
ExecuJet Australia
Executive Instruments
Exotic Metals Forming Co.

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F&E Aircraft Maintenance
Federal Express Corporation
Fire-Tec Aero Systems LLC
Flight Logistics Repair Group
Flight Research, Inc.
Flightline Technical Services
Flightpath Services, Inc.
Flightstar Aircraft Services, Inc.
Flite Electronics
Florida Jet Center, Inc
Fokker Airinc
Ford Instruments & Accessories, LLC
Fortner Accessory Service Corp. (FASCO)
Fortner Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc.

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Galaxy International, Inc.
Garofalo Goerlich Hainbach PC
Garrett Aviation Services, LLC
GE Aviation
Genesis Aviation
Georgetown Instrument Services
GKN Aerospace, Chem-tronics, Inc.
Global Aircraft Service, Inc.
Global Parts Aero Services
Global Quality Assessors
Global Turbine Component Technologies, LLC
Grand Prairie Accessory Services, LLC
Gulf Helicopters Company
Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation
Gyro Specialists, Inc.

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H & L Accessory
Hawk Avionics
H.E.R.O.S., Inc.
Hahn Law Firm, PC
Hale Aircraft, Inc.
Hamilton Sundstrand
Harman’s Repair Station, Inc.
Harter Industries, Inc.
HEICO Corporation
Helicomb International
Helicopter Services of Nevada
Heli-Support, Inc./Roberts Aircraft Company
High Standard Aviation
High Tech Avionics and Accessories
Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company
Houston Aircraft Instruments
Howell Instruments, Inc.

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Ikhana Aircraft Services
Illuminair Support Corp.
INAir Aviation Services Company
Inertial Airline Services, Inc.
Infinity Technology and Trading, Inc.
Inflatables International Inc.
Innodyne Systems
Interface Air Repair, Inc.
International Governor Services, Inc.
International Turbine Industries
InterSky Precision Instruments, Inc.
Inventory Locator Service, LLC

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JAS Services, Inc.
Jet Aviation
Jet Center MFR
Jordan Propeller Service
JPS Aviation LLC

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Kansas Instrument Sales and Service, Inc.
Keystone Aerospace, Inc.
Keystone Helicopter Corp.
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Engineering & Maintenance

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L. J. Walch Company, Inc.
Landing Gear Technologies, LLC

Lear Romec, Crane Aerospace & Electronics
Legacy Aviation Services, Inc.
Liebherr-Aerospace Saline, Inc.
Lindner Aviation Inc.
Lord Corporation
Lufthansa Technik AG
Lynden Air Cargo

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M&M Hi Tech Fa, LLC dba MAPCO
Magellan Aerospace Turbine Services, LLC
Marana Aerospace Solutions
Maricopa Controls
Marvel-Schlebler Aircraft Carburetors, LLC
Meggitt (Orange County), Inc
MEKCO Group, Inc.
Meridian Jet Center
Merrill Tool & Machine, Inc.
Metro Aviation, Inc.
Miami Air International
Mid-America Aviation, Inc.
Mid-Continent Instruments and Avionics
Midway Aircraft Instrument Corporation
Midwest Aero Support, Inc.
Millenium International
Miltechnologies, Inc.
Mingo Aerospace
Missionary Maintenance Services dba MMS Aviation
Moog Inc. Aircraft Group
Moog Aircraft Group (Montek Operations, Torrance Operations)
Moss Vales, Inc.
Mountain Aviation, Inc.
MTU Maintenance Hannover GmbH
Murmer Aircraft Services

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NAASCO Northeast Corporation
NanoVapor Technologies, Inc.
National Flight Services, Inc.
Neosource, Inc.
Ni-Cad Systems, Inc.
NFF Avionics, Inc.
North American Aircraft Services, Inc.
North Star Aerospace, Inc.
Northwest Airlines, Inc.
Northwest Arkansas Avionics Inc.
Northwest Propeller Service, Inc.
NVISmetrics, LLC

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Ohlinger Industries, Inc.
Onboard Systems International
One Stop Aviation
Ottosen Propeller & Accessories, Inc.

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PAC West Helicopters, Inc.
Pacific Aero Tech, Inc.
Pacific Propeller, Inc.
Pacific Sky Supply, Inc.
Palm Beach Aircraft Propeller, Inc.
Papillon Airways
Perform Air International, Inc.
Phoenix Heliparts, Inc.
PneuDraulics, Inc.
Porter-Strait Instrument Co., Inc.
Power Avionics & Accessories
PPG Aerospace – Transparencies
PPG Industries
Pratt & Whitney
Precision Aero Technology, Inc.
Precision Engines LLC
Precision Fuel Components LLC
Precision Heliparts, Inc.
Prime Turbines, LLC
Professional Aircraft Accessories

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Quality Air Services, Inc.
Quality Aviation Instruments, Inc.

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R.W. Raddatz, Inc.
Rapco Fleet Support
Rapco, Inc.
Red Aviation
Rifle Jet Center Maintenance, LLC
Robair Repair LLC
Robert Ross
Rockwell Collins
Rotair Industries, Inc.
RVR Maintenance, LLC

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S3 Repair Services, LLC
S&T Aircraft Accessories, Inc.
Safetech – Dallas
Safetech – Indianapolis
Schaeffler Aerospace (Barden/FAG Aerospace)
SEAL Aviation LLC
S.E.D. Airworthiness Certifications, Inc.
Seamech International, Inc.
Servotronics, Inc.
Shimadzu Precision Instruments, Inc.
Silver Wings Aerospace, Inc.
SkyWest Airlines
Skytronics, Inc.
Southwest Airlines Co.
Southwest Airmotive Corp.
Southwest Aviation Specialties, LLC
Southwest Turbine, Inc.
Southwind Aviation Supply, LLC
Spirit AeroSystems, Inc.
ST Aerospace
StandardAero Alliance, Inc.
Star Aviation, Inc.
Stark Aerospace, Inc.
Steiner Aviation International Inc.
Sunrise Mountain Avionics
Sunshine Aero Industries, Inc.
Surface Enhancement Technology

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Tailwind Inspection, Inc.
TAP Maintenance & Engineering
Team Aerospace, Inc.
Tech-Aire Instruments, Inc.
Teledyne Continental Motors
TeamAir MRO Ltd.
TeamSAI, Inc.
Telephonics Corporation
Temple Electonics Co., Inc.
Tennessee Aircraft Company, Inc.
Texas Air Composites
Texas Air Repairs
Texas Pneumatic Systems, Inc.
The Granger Plastics Company
The Zee Company, Inc.
Thomas Electronics
Timberline Helicopters, Inc.
TIMCO Aviation Services
Tim’s Aircraft Engines, Inc.
Toledo Jet Center, LLC
Trace Aviation
Transworld Aviation FZE
Tri-County Instruments
Triumph Airborne Structures
Triumph Group, Inc.
TSA Rewinds Florida Inc. dba Aircraft Armature Inc.
Turbine Controls, Inc.
Turbine Engine Center, Inc.
Turbine Fuel Systems, Inc.
Turbine Standard, Ltd.
Turbine Weld, Inc.
Turbo-Resins International
T&W Electric Service Inc.
Twin Otter International, Ltd.

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Unicorp Systems, Inc.
Unipak Aviation, LLC
United Flight Accessories of California
United Techonologies
US Crest
US Technicians, Inc.

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Vandergriff Technologies NDT Services
Vertiflite, Inc.
VHL Aircraft Inc.
Vitesse Aviation Services
VX Aerospace Corporation

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Warner Propeller & Governor Co., LLC
Western Aero Repair, Inc.
Whittaker Controls
Willmar Air Service
Windsor Airmotive
Windsor Airmotive – West Chester A Division of Barnes Aerospace
World Class Accessory, Inc.
Worldwide, L.L.C.
Worldwide Aircraft Services, Inc.

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