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Model Training Program Workbook

As of April 6, 2006, all certificated repair stations must submit a training program to the FAA for approval by the last day of the month in which its repair station certificate was issued, as required by §145.163.

About the Workbook

ARSA’s Model Training Program Workbook with Template will help you gain the knowledge and understanding necessary to generate a training program manual that meets the standards for FAA approval.

(Please do not confuse the Model Training Program Workbook with the Model Repair Station Manual. They are two entirely different publications.)

The combination of the workbook, template and included forms walks you through the process of developing a program to ensure that employees performing maintenance, preventive maintenance and alterations are “capable of performing assigned tasks” as required by 145.163(b).

The workbook and template provide a baseline for companies to:

  • Identify and describe jobs and duties, including required tasks within each function, and skills within each task.
  • Establish job qualifications, including minimum standards.
  • Assess employees to determine competency.
  • Ensure employees demonstrate competency to perform assigned tasks.
  • Train employees to perform their assigned tasks.
  • Ensure training courses and curricula are established, documented and monitored.
  • Document training program activities.
  • Conduct self-assessments regularly in order to continually improve the program.
  • Develop these concepts into a comprehensive training program that may be submitted to the FAA for approval.

The workbook is now available. ARSA provides it in electronic form only (a Microsoft Word file sent as an email attachment). See Prices below for purchase information.

Model Training Program Workbook Prices

Purchase of the workbook costs $600 for members and $1500 for nonmembers.

The workbook price alone is $500 for members and $1000 for nonmembers. The workbook is licensed for a specific location. If your company has repair stations at multiple locations and would like to purchase more than one license, this scale lists total cost for each license purchased:



2 975.00 11 4310.00 20 6415.00
3 1425.00 12 4595.00 21 6595.00
4 1855.00 13 4865.00 22 6765.00
5 2260.00 14 5125.00 23 6925.00
6 2650.00 15 5365.00 24 7080.00
7 3015.00 16 5600.00 25 7225.00
8 3365.00 17 5820.00 >26 Negotiated
9 3700.00 18 6030.00
10 4015.00 19 6225.00


Click here to order the Model Training Program Workbook

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