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The association provides model manuals, programs and supplements designed to assist companies with regulatory compliance. Each model or template has been designed based on industry experience, agency guidance and plain-language interpretation of regulatory requirements.

Tools for ARSA Members 

The following publications are available free of charge to individuals from association member organizations. Click the relevant links for more information and if you need assistance accessing copies, contact ARSA.

Advisory 2017-01: Importing Aircraft Parts for Repair Duty Free
Communications Tracking Log
Government Relations Chart
Form E100: New Article Inspection Form
Manual Compliance Cross Reference Documents (C.A.S.E., TCCA, EASA Special Conditions & Supplement Guidance, Relevant 14 CFR parts)
Press Release Template
Petition for Exemption from 145.109(d) Toolkit
Repair Station Security Compliance Checklist
Repair Station Security Fact Sheet
Small Business Administration Ombudsman Comment Toolkit for ICA Issues
Working Away Advisory Original Issue

The Repair Station Quality Manual Compilation

U.S.-based repair stations or applicants should use ARSA’s Model RSQM Compilation to update or develop the manual system required to hold a certificate issued under 14 CFR part 145.  The compilation was developed by ARSA’s management firm, Obadal, Filler, MacLeod & Klein, P.L.C. (OFM&K) and is licensed to the association.

Basic Support

The compilation and basic support from ARSA include the following elements:

(1) Template Repair Station Quality Manual with EASA supplement (for approval holders and applicants under the U.S.-EU MAG) and Cross-Reference Tables (14 CFR parts 43, 65 and 145, TCCA, EASA Special Conditions and Supplement Guidance).
(2) Template Master Forms Manual and related documents.
(3) Template Training Program Manual.
(4) General overview and customization instruction document, manual/form review tracking spreadsheet and base templates for creation of additional documents.
(5) 90-day access to ARSA’s “Complying with Part 145: Soup to Nuts” four-hour on-demand training session.
(6) One-hour introduction and overview with best practices for customization.
(7) Up to four hours of customization support and assistance from ARSA in the form of question and answer sessions hosted via video teleconference.  Most be “consumed” within 180 days of purchase transaction. 

Full Customization

Persons seeking hands-on support customizing their manual system may contract for the following elements:

(1) All compilation materials and resources described in (1) through (5) of the “Basic Support” option.
(2) Hands-on support with customization process, including:
(a) Video teleconference sessions and related review of all manuals as well as maintenance, recordkeeping, training and forms for adjustment.
(b) Instruction for testing each element including completion of forms to ensure proper demonstration of technical capabilities and supporting paperwork.
(c) Availability for question and answer after completion of manual system, but no changes will be made based on FAA review if the element(s) in question complies with the regulations.
Note: Manual customization does not include representation to the FAA throughout the review and certification process. Additional support may require engagement with OFM&K for assistance at the firm’s hourly rates.

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