Legislative Issues

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As the aviation maintenance industry’s eyes and ears on Capitol Hill, ARSA’s legislative program fights for the interests of repair stations. Through outreach to members of Congress and their staffs, we educate decision makers about the contributions of the 240,000 men and women of the aviation maintenance industry and their $58 billion positive impact on the U.S. economy.

ARSA combines its knowledge of the inner workings of Congress and the legislative process with its renowned regulatory expertise to inform lawmakers about the impact legislation will have on the aviation community. This allows ARSA to establish strong relationships and serve as an unbiased expert on many issues.

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Ensuring fair and effective aviation policy

Issues related to aviation policy are the Association’s top priority on Capitol Hill. ARSA encourages Congress to provide the resources for effective rulemaking and oversight, works to prevent congressional micromanagement of the industry, and defends the integrity and fairness of the federal rulemaking process. ARSA’s efforts in aviation policy include:

Every several years Congress is required to enact legislation setting policy priorities and authorizing funding for the FAA. Here you can find information on the most recent FAA reauthorization debate and ARSA’s role in the process, which led to passage of the FAA Reauthorization & Reform Act in February 2012. Information on the next reauthorization debate, scheduled to begin in 2015, will be available when the process begins anew.

Pro Growth

From Main Street to Wall Street, the decisions made in Washington affect your cost of doing business. ARSA works to promote a favorable business and economic climate for your company by promoting tax, trade, labor, and workplace safety issues that ensure the operational freedom you need for your business to succeed.