Effective Nov. 4, 2022, ARSA is bringing periodical distribution (and related advertising sales) back in-house. After nearly 15 years of partnership with Multiview, Inc., the association’s team will be in full control of its communications for the first time since 2008.

ARSA will continue to distribute its weekly Dispatch and monthly hotline newsletters and is planning to expand its communications resources for the industry. In the meantime, loyal readers are encouraged to:

(1) Keep an eye out for each of the periodicals listed below. If you stop receiving (or if you haven’t been receiving) one, contact ARSA immediately.

(2) Ensure your email systems have “marked safe” the email domains listed under “don’t let technology keep you from ARSA.”

(3) Add to your media or communications distribution list to send your company’s news and updates to the association and get them into newsletters.

(4) Check your budget and current advertising practices to make space for your company in ARSA’s newsletters (and/or encourage your suppliers to do so).

ARSA Dispatch

With new challenges, new technologies and new regulations, the civil aviation industry is constantly evolving. To that end, ARSA has partnered with MultiView to create ARSA Dispatch, an opt-in email resource providing comprehensive weekly news briefings of the top industry news.

Each edition of ARSA Dispatch contains news and articles gathered from an expansive list of sources. Delivered to the inboxes of ARSA members and non-members alike, ARSA Dispatch keeps subscribers abreast of topics that impact the civil aviation community.

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the hotline

ARSA’s monthly publication, the hotline reaches readers in hundreds of member companies including certificated repair stations, manufacturers, air carriers and suppliers, as well as government agencies worldwide. The members-only newsletter brings industry personnel the latest industry news, and expert analysis of advisory circulars, proposed rules and legislation affecting repair stations.

the hotline is a copyrighted publication for the exclusive use of ARSA members and federal employees on our mailing list.

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Don’t Let Technology Keep You from ARSA

Thanks to spam filters, firewalls and quarantines, it can sometimes be difficult for organizations like ARSA to get messages into your inbox. To ensure you have access to every newsletter, alert and update, ensure that the following addresses are on your “safe list”: (newsletters/direct emails/alerts) (messages from members of ARSA’s management team)

Know what to look for:

Weekly: The Dispatch newsletter is distributed every Wednesday.
Monthly: The hotline newsletter is distributed the first week of each month.
Various:  Member alerts are distributed as necessary – usually the association sends two or three each month.
Membership Term Dependent: Renewal reminders begin flowing out 90 days before the expiration of membership term.

If you’ve previously unsubscribed from ARSA direct alerts (usually sent from click here and complete the form to renew your access.


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