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Action Action Date Response  
Industry Seeks Relief from Bilateral Parts Documentation Squeeze 1/31/2023 N/A  




Action Action Date Response  
Ending Maintenance Manual Rule Enforcement Inconsistency 7/30/2021
Unpacking AD Authority 7/2/2021





2016 & Older


Action Action Date Response Resp. Date
ARSA Repeats Call for Update to Final Inspection Guidance 11/2/2016 Corrections Announced 4/7/2017
ARSA, A4A Remind FAA It’s Never Defined “Engine Influencing Parts” 10/14/2016 Notice Withdrawal 12/19/2016
CRI ARC Members Add Clarity to RCCB Proposal 8/24/2016 RCCB Decision 9/29/2016
ARSA Comments on Revised Rulemaking Procedures 6/29/2016 Final Rule 6/20/2018
ARSA Asks FAA to Release Association’s Working Away Advisory 5/23/2016 N/A  
ARSA Works: FAA Policy Jeopardizes AD Compliance 4/29/2016 N/A  
ARSA to FAA: Starting on the Same Page through Training Access 4/20/2016 N/A  
ARSA Resubmits Aviation Safety QMS FOIA Request 4/8/2016 N/A  


Action Action Date Response Resp. Date
ARSA Calls Out ‘Outrageous’ Housing Requirement for Component Facilities 12/8/2015 FAA Response  2/1/2016
ARSA, AIA, GAMA Support Development of AFS Guidance Methodology 10/9/2015 N/A  
Aviation Coalition Requests Orderly Transition to MAG Change 5 10/7/2015 FAA & EASA Responses Multiple
ARSA Seeks Confirmation of Right to Make Continue in Service Determinations 7/9/2015 FAA Response  8/25/2015
ARSA Joins Coalition Seeking SOC Revision 6/4/2015 N/A  
ARSA to FAA: Keep UAS Regulation Simple 4/23/2015 N/A  
ARSA Condemns FAA’s Rulemaking by Fiat (Continental Cylinders AD) 2/23/2015 N/A  
ARSA to FAA: Nothing Generic About AD Info Collection 1/29/2015 & 3/12/2015 N/A  
ARSA to FAA: “Or New” Unacceptable 1/29/2015 FAA Response 7/20/2015
    FAA Follow Up 8/26/2015
ARSA Submits Aviation Safety QMS FOIA Request 1/22/2015 N/A  
ARSA, ATEC Capitalize on Update to O’Brien Awards 1/21/2015 N/A  
ARSA Submits “Surrender” Petition to FAA 1/9/2015 FAA Response  7/13/2015
    Petition for Reconsideration  8/31/2015


Action Action Date Response Resp. Date
ARSA, ATEC Re-Write Aviation Maintenance Overview 12/11/2014 N/A  
ARSA Comments on Bonded Repair Size Limits Policy 10/16/2014 Final Policy 11/24/2014
“Serious” Petition to FAA 9/22/2014 Rule Correction 11/7/2014
    FAA Response 2/12/2015
ARSA Submits UAS FOIA Request 8/12/2014 N/A  
ARSA to FAA: Line Maintenance Can be Major 7/23/2014 FAA Response 7/25/2014
ARSA, A4A Seek Clarification on Alternative MTP 6/13/2014 FAA Response 7/14/2014
ARSA Follows Up on Security Rule Clarification 6/13/2014 TSA Q&A 7/25/2014
    TSA Response 7/30/2014
ARSA and Metal Improvement Company LLC File Part 43 and Repair Station Work Instructions CSI 5/28/2014 FAA Response 4/30/2015
ARSA Reminds FAA About Parts Identification Issue 5/21/2014 FAA Response 6/19/2014
ARSA Requests Further Review of Final Inspection Guidance 5/14/2014 FAA Response 6/13/2014
ARSA Files Line Maintenance Housing CSI 5/1/2014 FAA Response 5/13/2014
    ARSA Reply to FAA 5/21/2014
    FAA Update 7/18/2014
    FAA Response 9/29/2014
ARSA Urges TSA to Reconsider Repair Station Responsibility 2/24/2014 N/A  
ARSA Asks FAA to Clarify EASA Data Acceptance 2/19/2014 FAA InFO  6/12/2014
ARSA Requests ICR Approval Withdrawal 2/3/14 N/A  
ARSA Contests FSDO Policy 1/17/2014 FAA Response  4/7/2014
ARSA Challenges FAA Information Collection 1/14/2014 N/A  


Action Action Date Response Resp. Date
ARSA Condemns FAA Overreach 12/11/13 N/A  
ARSA Highlights Concerns on Order 8130.21H 11/19/13 FAA Response  12/2/13
ARSA Comments on FAA Certification Process 10/30/13 N/A  
ARSA Urges SBA to Request Withdrawal of FAA Airworthiness Directive 9/26/13 N/A  
ARSA Pushes for Extension or Withdrawal of Continental Motors NPRM 8/30/13 N/A  
ARSA Requests Interpretation on AMOC Order 8/28/13 FAA Response  1/27/14
ARSA Urges FAA to Clarify Technical Data Requirements 6/9/13 FAA Order  4/18/2014
ARSA Seeks Consistency In EASA SMS Requirements 6/5/13 N/A  
ARSA Questions Part-Specific Training “Requirement” 5/15/13 FAA Response  7/29/13
ARSA Praises European Legislators’ Efforts on ICAs 4/19/13 N/A  
ARSA Comments on Air Carrier Contract Maintenance Requirements; Proposed Rule 3/13/13 N/A  


Action Action Date Response Resp. Date
ARSA Comments on Maintenance Duty Time 12/13/12 FAA Response 12/26/12
ARSA Letter on Part Marking During Maintenance 12/11/12 FAA Response 1/16/13
ARSA Seeks Clarification of FAA Designee Privilege 12/6/12 FAA Response 4/11/13
    ARSA Reply to FAA 6/5/13
    FAA Final Response 5/13/15
ARSA Comments to Repair Station NPRM 11/19/12 N/A  
UAS Integration Must Not Distract FAA’s Safety Focus 11/8/12 FAA Response 12/26/12
ARSA Files Comments to FAA AC 145-11 10/12/12 FAA Response 10/19/12
ARSA Seeks MMI Clarification 10/4/12 FAA Response 10/15/12
ARSA, Industry Allies Request 145 Extension 8/3/12 N/A  
ARSA Letter Regarding SWA Manual and FSDO Inconsistencies 7/27/12 N/A  
ARSA Asks Supreme Court to Intervene on ICA Availability 6/11/12 N/A  
ARSA Recommends Shedding Light on Federal Rulemaking Process 5/3/12 N/A  
Comments to Docket NTSB-GC-2011-0001 (NPRM Amendments to NTSB Regulations) 4/9/12 N/A  
Comments to Docket NTSB-GC-2011-0001 (ANPRM Amendments to NTSB Regulations) 3/9/12 N/A  
ARSA Requests FAA Assistance to Address MAG Part Tagging Requirements 4/3/12 N/A  
ARSA Suggests Changes to FAA Form 8310-3 1/23/12 N/A  
ARSA Weighs in on Proposed FAA ICA Policy 1/4/12 N/A  


Action Action Date Response Resp. Date
ARSA Makes Recommendations for Audit Review Project 12/21/11 N/A  
ARSA Looks for Proper FAA Interpretation of Rules for Major Repair 12/7/11 N/A  
ARSA Requests MAG Clarification 11/10/11 EASA Response  1/23/12
ARSA Questions Issuance of PMA for “Consumables” 10/27/11 N/A  
ARSA Requests Guidance on Multiple Part Identification 10/19/11 FAA Response 12/2/11
ARSA Comments on FAA’s Airworthiness Directive Interpretation 6/30/11 FAA Interpretation  04/27/2016
ARSA Comments on FAA’s Interpretation of Duty & Rest Provisions 6/14/11 N/A  
ARSA Suggests Changes to NTSB Regulations 3/9/11 N/A  
ARSA Letter Requesting FAA to Clarify That Fabrication of a Part is Not Maintenance 3/8/11 FAA Response 3/25/11
ARSA Challenges FAA’s Delay in Complying with Court Order 2/15/11 DC Court Of Appeals Response 4/15/11
    ARSA Response to Petition 3/14/11
    US Court of Appeals Response 3/2/11
Maintaining High-Pressure Cylinders Under Titles 14 and 49 CFR 1/28/11 N/A  


Action Action Date Response Resp. Date
ARSA Submits Letter on Measuring and Test Equipment Calibration 12/13/10 FAA Response 4/8/11
Letter Regarding Maintenance and Preventive Maintenance Personnel Duty Time Limitations 12/13/10 FAA Response 4/14/11
    FAA Response 12/26/12
ARSA Letter Requesting that Corrections Be Made to Guidance Regarding Persons Performing Final Inspections 11/30/10 N/A  
ARSA Submits Recommendations for FAA’s Proposed AMOC Guidance 8/6/10 N/A  
ARSA Submits Comments to FAA Draft Advisory Circular 120-CMP 7/22/10 N/A  
ARSA Requests FAA to Amend and Reissue Repair Station Hazmat Certification Guidance 7/9/10 FAA Response 10/15/10
ARSA Welcomes Pistole to TSA 7/8/10 TSA Response 8/4/10
ARSA Letter to Office of Management and Budget on Quarterly Utilization Report 4/30/10 N/A  
ARSA Urges EASA to Clarify and Adjust 4/20/10 EASA Response   7/6/11
ARSA Request for Clarification of FAA D&A Testing Rules 4/1/10 FAA Response 7/23/10
ARSA’s Comments to the 2009 TSA Notice of Proposed Rulemaking 2/18/10 N/A  
ARSA Asks FAA to Clarify Drug and Alcohol Testing Rules — Again 1/15/10 FAA Response 1/19/10





Action Action Date Response Resp. Date
ARSA Notice Regarding EASA NPA 2007-09 11/29/07 N/A  
ARSA Letter on Limitations on Issuance of Repairman Certificates 11/21/07 FAA Response 12/11/07
    ARSA Second Letter 8/7/08
    ARSA Third Letter 5/14/09
ARSA Correspondence on Unilateral Changes to Air Agency Operations Specifications 11/21/07 N/A  
ARSA Letter Requesting Expedited Issuance of Repair Station Security Regulations 11/21/07 FAA Response 12/26/07
ARSA Request for Clarification/Change to AC 65-25(D) 11/8/07 FAA Response 7/11/08
ARSA Request Seeking Clarification on Compliance with AD 2003-12-07 10/27/07 FAA Response 9/3/09
ARSA Request Seeking Clarification on Contracting Maintenance Functions 10/26/07 N/A  
ARSA Request on Maintenance Release for Components 9/28/07 FAA Response 10/10/07
ARSA Correspondence Regarding EASA Human Factors Training Compliance 5/8/07 EASA Response 8/20/07
ARSA Request for Assistance, Re: Independently Developed Maintenance and Alteration Processes 5/1/07 N/A  
Recording Major Repairs on Canadian Products 4/9/07 N/A  



Action Action Date Response Resp. Date
ARSA Asks FAA to Amend Hazmat Training Rule 11/22/05 FAA Response 3/13/06