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About ARSA

The Aeronautical Repair Station Association (ARSA) is the only association devoted to the unique needs of the global civil aviation maintenance industry. The association is dedicated to helping its more than 400 member companies run their operations more efficiently and effectively, while continuing to ensure the safety of aircraft worldwide.

To that end, ARSA endeavors to:

  • Raise the legislative and regulatory profile of the aviation maintenance industry;
  • Help regulators develop guidance, policy, and interpretations that are clear, concise, and consistent, and applied uniformly to all similarly situated companies and individuals;
  • Work with legislators on Capitol Hill to advance an agenda that benefits industry and aviation safety in general;
  • Differentiate between government functions and industry responsibilities;
  • Provide training, advisory materials, news services, and regulatory expertise to ensure members remain compliant in a heavily regulated industry; and
  • Offer technical and legal expertise to analyze and respond to government actions.

Ensuring good government and fair oversight is hard work — ARSA does the spadework that provides the aviation industry with the essential knowledge and practical advice needed to ensure business survival.

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ARSA speakers and staff have expertise addressing the following issue areas:

  • Aviation maintenance industry (e.g., economics and market analysis, structure)
  • Aviation safety regulation
  • Regulatory agencies (e.g., the Federal Aviation Administration, the National Transportation Safety Board)
  • Legislation affecting repair stations and air carriers
  • Workforce development (i.e., aviation technician workforce development, training, skilled worker shortage)

Economic Research

Living in the safest period in the history of US civil aviation, every traveler should understand the qualitative value of aviation maintenance and its impact on their lives. However, ARSA continually seeks to fully illustrate the broad impact of the industry on the economies, communities, and peoples of the world. To that end, the association is constantly engaged in quantitative studies that investigate the true global impact of MRO operations.

ARSA Economic Data Center

Press Releases

ARSA frequently addresses business, regulatory and legislative issues within press statements that may be reviewed by clicking here.

As a resource for the maintenance community, the association has created a press release template. Businesses that would like to publicize events, product updates or important activities should utilize this document to craft an effective release. For assistance with content and tips for distribution, contact the communications department.

Industry Press Release Template

the hotline

ARSA’s monthly publication the hotline reaches readers in hundreds of member companies, including certificated repair stations, manufacturers, air carriers and suppliers, as well as government agencies worldwide. The members-only newsletter brings industry personnel the latest industry news, and expert analysis of advisory circulars, proposed rules and legislation affecting repair stations.

the hotline is a copyrighted publication for the exclusive use of ARSA members and federal employees on our mailing list.

ARSA Dispatch

With new challenges, new technologies and new regulations, the civil aviation industry is constantly evolving. To that end, ARSA has partnered with MultiView to create ARSA Dispatch, an opt-in email resource providing comprehensive weekly news briefings of the top industry news.

Each edition of ARSA Dispatch contains news and articles gathered from an expansive list of sources. Delivered to the inboxes of ARSA members and non-members alike, ARSA Dispatch keeps subscribers abreast of topics that impact the civil aviation community.

View recent issues of ARSA Dispatch by clicking here.