Safety Management Systems Program

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SMS Program Overview

Aircraft Electronics Association

Under an agreement between ARSA and the Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA), ARSA member companies in good standing can obtain access to the AEA-managed Safety Management System (SMS) program for an annual flat fee of $350. The program is designed to help small-to-medium sized aviation maintenance organizations meet the international and business requirements for adopting an SMS.

The AEA-managed program provides online administrative tools through its password-protected website to support the company designated safety representative, or on-site SMS coordinator.

The administrative tool and program are constructed around the principles created by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) for adoption by the civil aviation authorities:

(1) Safety policy and objectives

  • Management commitment and responsibility.
  • Safety accountabilities.
  • Appointment of key safety personnel.
  • Coordination of emergency response planning.
  • SMS documentation.

(2) Safety risk management

  • Hazard identification.
  • Safety risk assessment and mitigation.

(3) Safety assurance

  • Safety performance monitoring and measurement.
  • The management of change.
  • Continuous improvement of the SMS.

(4) Safety promotion

  • Training and education.
  • Safety communication.

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AEA SMS Enrollment Process

To obtain access to the AEA-managed SMS Program under ARSA’s partnership complete the form below. Once membership status is confirmed, the company’s request will be forwarded to AEA with a copy to the submitter and the members’ primary contact.

AEA will invoice the company for the annual amount.

How it Works

Once the AEA invoice is paid, access to the program will be confirmed by AEA and the company will be asked to:

  • Select personnel to act as designated safety representative(s) or the SMS coordinator.
  • Identify the accountable executive.
  • Attend AEA’s SMS coordinator training (conducted online and also in-person at AEA Regional Meetings and the International Convention & Trade Show): net/Training/courses/sms.
  • Complete an employee enrollment form for all company personnel, including name, unique email address.
  • Have the accountable executive sign the Safety Management System Website Agreement (click here to view a template version) and the Safety Policy Commitment (click here to view a template version). Communicate the documents to the company’s employees as means of official notification of participation in the AEA SMS program.
  • Have each company employee login to the AEA SMS site and complete the Employee Initial Training (EIT).

AEA will be notified if membership in ARSA is cancelled, otherwise annual renewal for the ARSA member benefit of having access to AEA’s SMS-managed Program and tools will come from AEA directly.

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AEA SMS Access Request Form

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