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As the voice of the aviation maintenance industry, ARSA works to keep its members informed as well as educate the public, media and policymakers about work of the men and women who keep the world safely in flight. The association welcomes requests from the media for interviews, background briefings and official comments on news affecting the aviation industry. Our expertise includes (but is not limited to):

  • Aviation-related legislative and political issues.
  • The impact of current and pending FAA rulemakings and guidance.
  • The growth and global economic impact of the aviation maintenance industry.
  • Repair station operations and procedures.
  • Technical aspects of air carrier maintenance programs.

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Data and Advocacy

Telling the aviation maintenance story is a powerful way to demonstrate how vital the industry is to the lives and livelihoods of people all over the world. ARSA is the voice of global maintenance providers, working with governments and regulators to ensure that repair stations can serve the flying public with minimal unnecessary intrusion from inspectors or legislators. To support this effort, the association publishes reports, provides data and develops resources to help illustrate the importance of the world done by mechanics, technicians and engineers worldwide. Click here to learn more.

Media Kit

The association has a variety of informational resources – as well as access to a deep bench of industry experts – to help members of the media inform the general public about aviation, regulatory and operational issues. Click here to access those resources.


The association’s weekly news briefing, The Dispatch, and its monthly members-only circular, the hotline, are the definitive references for issues impacting the design, production and maintenance of civil aircraft worldwide. To subscribe, click here.

Press Releases

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The Industry’s Voice

Good safety is good business. The men and women who work in the aviation maintenance industry are committed to ensuring that every person who boards an aircraft anywhere in the world gets to their destination safely. Click here to read why ARSA advocates for its members.

You Can’t Fly Without Us

“You Can’t Fly Without Us: The World of Aviation Maintenance” is a documentary produced by ARSA.  The film was developed as part of the Leading Edge video series, which is hosted by former football coach and sports broadcaster Jimmy Johnson and distributed to public television stations in all 50 states. Learn more about how to take advantage of this resource.