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Membership Application Process Overview

To apply for an ARSA membership, please begin by answering the initial question below. Based on your responses, the system will then direct you to the appropriate application.

Once you’ve completed your initial application, an ARSA team member will review your submission to confirm eligibility for membership. After this confirmation, you will receive a pre-approval notice with instruction to pay your membership dues (payment may be made by ACH/withdrawal, check or credit card) and access to an invoice.

Upon submission of dues payment, the contact(s) whose information is included in the application will receive access to the ARSA Member Portal and may then begin connecting other personnel to the membership.

Application Selection

To begin the application process, answer the following question by clicking the button next to the appropriate description.

For more information on the association, including membership categories and services, visit You may ask specific questions regarding this application by utilizing the submission form at