Paying ARSA Invoices

(1) Make checks payable to: Aeronautical Repair Station Association and send to 121 North Henry Street Alexandria, VA 22314-2903.

(2) For ACH or wire transfer payments, please follow the instructions on your invoice.

(3) To pay by credit card, which will include a surcharge for either you or the trade association, take the following steps.

  • Make sure the invoice is readily available – you will need it and if you wish to pay for more than one invoice, you will need to complete the steps for each payment.
  • Select “Pay Now” under the appropriate option below (if in doubt, refer to the invoice). You will be directed to a separate payment portal.
  • Once in the appropriate payment screen, select the proper options (if in doubt, refer to the invoice).
  • Input the invoice number.
  • Input your payment information and complete your purchase.

If you are having any problems with the system, have questions about an invoice, or require a change in status or options, please contact Kimberly Dimmick by email, or, or by telephone, 703.739.9543 Ext. 133.

If you click a button below and the payment portal page fails to load, contact ARSA. The portal is operated by a third party processer and occasionally experiences outages.

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