Paying ARSA Invoices

(1) Make checks payable to: Aeronautical Repair Station Association and send to 121 North Henry Street Alexandria, VA 22314-2903.

(2) For ACH or wire transfer payments, please follow the instructions on your invoice.

(3) To pay by credit card, which will include a surcharge for either you or the trade association, take the following steps.

  • Make sure the invoice is readily available – you will need it and if you wish to pay for more than one invoice, you will need to complete the steps for each payment.
  • Select “Pay Now” under the appropriate option below (if in doubt, refer to the invoice). You will be directed to a separate payment portal.
  • Once in the appropriate payment screen, select the proper options (if in doubt, refer to the invoice). If making an advertising purchase, input the dollar amount indicated on the “TOTAL DUE” line of your invoice.
  • Input the invoice number.
  • Input your payment information and complete your purchase.
  • After successful submission by credit card, you will receive a confirmation email (check your SPAM folder).

Please allow three business days for credit card payments to full process through to ARSA’s bank account; at this time the transaction will be complete and you will receive a receipt of paid invoice.

If you are having any problems with the system, have questions about an invoice, or require a change in status or options, please contact Kimberly Dimmick by email, or, or by telephone, 703.739.9543 Ext. 133.

If you click a button below and the payment portal page fails to load, contact ARSA. The portal is operated by a third party processer and occasionally experiences outages.

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