Help Assess Commercialization of Anti-Corrosion Technology

ARSA has been approached by a government contractor preparing a Commercialization Readiness Assessment Report for a product developed through the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program.  The product being assessed would utilize “digital twin” technology to predict corrosion problem areas on aircraft in operation.

To review an overview of the anti-corrosion project, click here.

The contractor, Foresight Science & Technology (UEI: GHG2Z3MBLGL6 CAGE: 1BFW1), is looking for industry contacts with feedback on the following questions:

(1) Do you think there is a demand for this type of technology? If so, do you currently use an alternative technology to satisfy this demand?
(2) What are some problems with the current technologies on the market?
(3) What would you expect to pay for this technology, and over what interval (yearly or monthly subscription, one-time fee, etc.)? Do you have any additional comments regarding pricing for this technology? Would you be interested in beta testing this technology?
(4) Do you have any additional advice for the inventors of this technology?
(5) Is there anyone else you recommend that I speak with regarding this technology?
(6) What are some problems with the current technologies on the market?
(7) How competitive will this technology be in the market?
(8) Who are the key competitors of this technology?
(9) How often do you purchase this type of technology?
(10) How would you commercialize a technology like this one?
(11) What are some potential roadblocks to commercialization?

Any ARSA member contacts with feedback on the above questions regarding digital twin technology for airframe corrosion should contact Foresight Senior Consultant Fred Rogers at or 949.400.7565.

Note: ARSA has no official relationship with Foresight or involvement in the subject contract. The association’s communication of this opportunity shall not be used for endorsement purposes of the contractor or the anti-corrosion project.

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