Press Releases

FAA Proposes Removing Repair Station “Current” Data Requirement

On Jan. 31, the Federal Register published a notice of proposed rulemaking from the FAA that would amend § 145.109(d) to remove the requirement for repair stations to keep an…Read More

FAA Extends Comment Period on D&A Testing Proposal

On Jan. 19, the FAA notified ARSA that the agency would extend the comment period on its proposed rule to impose drug and alcohol testing requirements on maintenance personnel located…Read More

ARSA Working – CAAC Certifications and D&A Rulemaking

As of Dec. 7, the association is working two key issues related to international maintenance oversight: (1) ARSA has received numerous queries from members related to a notice from the…Read More

FAA to Cancel C.A.S.E. OpSpec Guidance

On Nov. 16, the FAA agreed with ARSA and the Aircraft Electronics Association in determining its new OpSpec D090 for Repair Stations was not supported by a regulatory requirement. The…Read More

Fortner Back to Top, LHT Back onto ARSA Board

“He’s like a bad penny,” Executive Director Sarah MacLeod said about 2024 ARSA President Gary Fortner. “He just keeps turning up.” MacLeod’s respect for both the commitment and good humor…Read More
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