Press Releases

Industry Seeks Relief from Bilateral Parts Documentation Squeeze

On Jan. 31, ARSA coordinated submission of a letter to FAA and EASA executives seeking to correct misinterpretation of aircraft parts documentation requirements under the U.S./EU bilateral aviation safety agreement…Read More

Krotec Brings Cross-Disciplinary Experience to ARSA Leadership

During its annual board meeting on Oct. 14, the ARSA board of directors elected Josh Krotec to serve as its 2023 president. Krotec is senior vice president of First Aviation…Read More

Seeking Simplicity and Flexibility in D&A Recordkeeping

On Oct. 4, ARSA commented on the Department of Transportation’s Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPRM) “Electronic Signatures, Forms and Storage for Drug and Alcohol Testing Records.” DOT sought information…Read More

FAA Opens its Virtual Doors to Students

On Sept. 29, the FAA hosted its 6th Aviation Safety STEM Career Symposium. The online event allowed middle school, high school, and college students to navigate around a virtual convention…Read More

Partner for the Pipeline

In June, the White House issued its “Talent Pipeline Challenge” to stimulate workforce development programs in transportation infrastructure. The program builds on investments made by Congress through laws like the…Read More
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