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Members Getting Members

The best form of advertising is word of mouth. Use the Members Getting Members Toolkit to recruit an ARSA member and your company will receive a discounted membership rate for your next membership term. It really is that easy.

Program rules:

  • For each paid membership referral, the referring member will receive a credit of 10% of the applicant’s dues on its forthcoming membership renewal. For example, if you refer a $1,800 member, you will receive a credit of $180 towards your next membership renewal.
  • The maximum benefit is 100% of the referring member’s annual membership dues.
  • The applicant must clearly indicate on its application the name of the member company that referred it for membership.

Click here to download a draft message you can use to begin recruiting new ARSA members.

Become a Champion

A great way to recruit members is to promote the association actively at industry meetings and trade shows. Champions display ARSA-provided materials at their company exhibit booths.

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