Press Releases


ARSA cautions FAA on proposed 145 changes (11/29/12)

Lufthansa Technik AG Celebration and ARSA Strategic Leadership Conference Ready to Rock Hamburg (9/17/12)

ARC seeks input to improve regulations (8/28/12)

ARSA queries DHS on long overdue repair station rule (8/21/12)

ARSA urges Congress on policies to support growth of aviation maintenance industry (7/18/12)

ARSA asks Supreme Court to intervene on ICA availability (6/12/12)

Good safety is good business ARSA tells congressional panel  (4/25/12)

ARSA seeks industry input on audit burden facing repair stations (3/22/12)

ARSA recognizes Rep. Tom Petri and former FAA Aircraft Maintenance Division Manager Carol E. Giles at 2012 Legislative Day & Symposium (3/21/12)

ARSA applauds passage of FAA reauthorization (2/8/12)

ARSA: Final FAA bill takes “common sense” approach to maintenance oversight (2/1/12)

Component Control announced as ARSA preferred provider for MRO and logistics software (1/30/12)

ARSA congratulates aviation industry on safest decade (1/6/12)


ARSA Thanks Babbitt for Years of Service to the Aviation Industry (12/12/11)

ARSA Tells Congress to Complete FAA Reauthorization Bill (12/5/11)

FAA Foreign Repair Station Certification Ban Hurting U.S. Aerospace Industry (11/01/11)

ARSA Members Are Hiring (10/20/11)

ARSA Launches “Lift the Ban” Survey (9/28/11)

ARSA Applauds Clean FAA Extension (9/13/11)

ARSA Commends President Obama (9/1/11)

ARSA Tells Congress to Do Its Job! (8/1/11)

New Report Details Benefits of Aviation Safety Agreements (6/14/11)

ARSA Holds FAA’s Feet to the Fire Over RFA Compliance (5/11/11)

ARSA Celebrates New U.S./E.U. Aviation Safety Agreement (5/2/11)

ARSA Congratulates House on Passage of FAA Bill (4/4/11)

ARSA Recommends Reg Flex Improvements at House Small Business Hearing (3/30/11)

ARSA Statement on FAA Supplemental Regulatory Flexibility Determination (3/8/11)

Court sides with ARSA: Commands FAA to Show Cause (3/2/11)

ARSA Challenges FAA’s Delay in Complying with Court Order (2/17/11)

ARSA Endorses House FAA Bill Maintenance Provisions (2/15/11)

ARSA Project to Measure Benefits of Aviation Bilateral Agreements (1/28/11)

ARSA Stands Up For Contract Maintenance on PBS Frontline (1/19/11)

ARSA Establishes Maintenance Scholarship (1/12/11)

ARSA Sets the Record Straight for the Future of Aviation Advisory Committee (1/5/11)


ARSA Welcomes Pistole to TSA, Offers Assistance on Repair Station Rules (7/12/10)

ARSA Announces Launch of AAIRRG (6/24/10)

FAA Bill Will Hurt U.S. Exports, ARSA Warns ITC (3/18/10)

ARSA Warns that FAA Reauthorization Legislation Will Damage U.S.-Canada Trade Relationship (3/12/10)

ARSA Supports European Effort on Aviation Safety (2/01/10)


Good Security is Good Business, ARSA Tells House Panel (11/18/09)

ARSA Survey Finds Repair Stations Hit Hard by Economic Downturn in ‘09, Guardedly Optimistic About ’10 (11/16/09)

Study Confirms U.S. Aviation Maintenance Trade Surplus, Highlights Economic Risks of Industry Restrictions(8/31/09)

Message to House Aviation Subcommittee: Global Industry Requires Global Network (02/11/09)


ARSA Managing Director Takes to the Airwaves on Aviation Safety (4/11/08)

ARSA’s MacLeod touts contact maintenance safety at BTC/Teamsters summit (2/11/08)


ARSA Urges Reg Flex Reform at House Small Business Hearing (11/15/07)

Court sides with ARSA on small business issue while upholding new FAA drug and alcohol rule (7/18/07)

Growth and Optimism Highlight Contract Maintenance Industry Survey (4/10/07)