MacLeod Selected for ODA Panel

On Jan. 5, the FAA notified ARSA it had selected Executive Director Sarah MacLeod to serve on the Organization Designation Authorization Expert Panel. MacLeod will serve the panel as a legal expert as defined by the “Membership” section of the September 2023 solicitation published in the Federal Register for nominations.

The panel was mandated by the Aircraft Certification, Safety, and Accountability Act to review safety management functions and related factors impacting ODA holders. Panelists are required to deliver a report to the administrator 270 days after the body’s first meeting – which has yet to be scheduled – recommending actions to address systemic deficiencies.

“[MacLeod’s] leadership and legal capabilities have instilled knowledge of both government and business requirements and the balance needed to ensure aviation safety worldwide,” ARSA Managing Director & General Counsel Marshall Filler said in his cover letter for MacLeod’s nomination. “She is known for providing sound guidance based firmly on the law without prejudice or bias. Her career has focused on developing public policy in the aviation safety arena within the scope of the Review Panel’s mandate. Sarah’s familiarity with the industry and the government enables her to readily obtain any information needed to fulfill the Review Panel’s duties from experts in aviation and aerospace.”

Stay tuned for updates from ARSA as the panel begins its work.

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