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The Leo Weston Award for Excellence in Service to Aviation Safety

First bestowed in 2005 on Leo Weston, an instrumental figure in ARSA’s birth, the Weston award honors individuals who embody his commitment to the industry.

As an FAA official, Weston advocated for the creation of an organization to represent the interests of maintenance providers. Since then – across a long career of professional and personal dedication to public good – he has been a great inspiration for the association and its members. In his honor, ARSA regularly recognizes individuals who have made a lasting impact in furthering the principles of good government.

Past Recipients

Jennifer Weinbrecht (2018)

Peggy Gilligan (2017)

Crystal Maguire (2016)

Neil Eisner (2014)

Ron Utecht (2013)

Carol Giles (2012)

Tony Janco (2011)

Julian Hall (2010)

David Cann (2008)

Al Micheals (2006)

Leo Weston (2005)

The Weston Award is celebrated as part of ARSA’s Annual Repair Symposium held in Arlington, Virginia. The symposium provides a venue for association members and invited guests from around the world to network and discuss issues that matter to the aviation maintenance industry. It is the perfect time to respect the history of the repair station community and honor the good works of those who support it.

For more information about the award, past recipients or ARSA’s work on behalf of the global aviation community, contact the association.