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Klein Chronicles Workforce Initiatives for Purdue Symposium

On Nov. 8, ARSA Executive Vice President Christian Klein spoke at Purdue University’s inaugural National Aviation Symposium. Klein headlined a panel on national industry workforce demand, presenting on trends in…Read More

Youth Task Force Wraps with ‘Can’t Wait’ Message

On Sept. 22, the FAA-managed Youth Access to American Jobs in Aviation Task Force held its final public meeting. The body closed its two-year run by delivering its congressionally mandated…Read More

Lawmakers Explore Aviation Workforce Diversity

The House Aviation Subcommittee held a hearing July 20 to discuss enhancing diversity in the aviation workforce. The witnesses were (click a name to download their written testimony): Rebecca Lutte,…Read More

Skills Group Seeks Industry Support for Digital Competency

Business Leaders United, an initiative of the National Skills Coalition, has requested maintenance industry support for its policy initiative to improve digital skills training and resources. ARSA supports the effort…Read More

Aviation Maintenance Returning to Growth in Face of Constraints

ARSA released its updated Global Fleet & MRO Market Report during its 2023 Annual Conference on March 15. The report, which is prepared by Oliver Wyman CAVOK, indicates that while…Read More