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Promoting Aviation Maintenance

Good safety is good business. The men and women who work in the aviation maintenance industry are committed to ensuring that every person who boards an aircraft anywhere in the world gets to their destination safely.

The industry’s outstanding safety record is no accident. It is the result of an effective, and ever improving, network of industry controls in concert with existing regulations. Repair stations are an important part of what makes the aviation industry safer, more reliable, and more efficient.

Contract maintenance allows airlines to reduce maintenance costs without negatively impacting safety. The reason? Highly specialized repair stations are able to get a better return on investment for tools, training, facilities, and other key business components. This allows ARSA members to maximize the efficiency, expertise, and skill in an already highly talented and professional international workforce. Whether it is line maintenance performed by an airline, a complete engine overhaul done by a manufacturer, or contract avionics repair—those responsible for the repairs uphold the highest standards of safety and regulatory compliance.

No maintenance provider has a monopoly on safety. The same safety rules, standards, and regulations apply to maintenance work wherever it is performed. A person or entity that is FAA-certificated always approves all maintenance work for return to service. It is simply not possible for an airline to have its maintenance performed all over the world by whomever it pleases without retaining responsibility for the work.

The entire aviation maintenance industry is proud of its exemplary record of providing a safe product to the traveling public. ARSA continues to promote this record and counter false safety messages.

Positive Publicity Campaign

Despite its contributions, the maintenance industry faces a barrage of negative publicity that threatens its growth. Hostile media coverage threatens to create a less favorable business, legal, and regulatory climate for repair stations. To counter this attack, ARSA launched the PPC. The PPC is the Association’s member-supported public relations initiative to improve the legal, regulatory, and business climate for contract aviation maintenance.

While positioning ARSA as the industry leader on maintenance issues, the campaign has funded critical research demonstrating the important role the MRO market plays. ARSA’s economic analyses have, for the first time, quantified the industry’s domestic and international impact. The campaign has also quantified the economic benefits repair stations enjoy from BASAs, free trade agreements that promote international aviation by reducing regulatory barriers to market access.

This research has helped ARSA counter attack with facts. It has helped prevent harmful and shortsighted legislation and has convinced skeptical reporters about the value contract maintenance offers civil aviation.

Get involved

There are easy ways to help promote the aviation maintenance industry through the PPC:

  • Contribute!
  • Encourage industry partners to support the campaign
  • Volunteer to participate on ARSA’s Public Relations Committee

Thank you to our 2012 PPC contributors!