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Last updated: February 13, 2019

1st Choice Aerospace, Inc
A.O.G. Reaction, Inc.
AAR Corp
Accessories, Inc.
Accurate Accessories, LLC
ACSS Repair & Overhaul
Action Aero, Inc.
Advanced Composite Structures Florida, LLC
AE and C Services. LLC
AEE-EMF, Inc. d.b.a. Aircraft Electrical Electronics
Aero Accessories & Repair, Inc.
AERO Component Repair, LLC
Aero Design Services, Inc.
Aero Instruments & Avionics, Inc.
Aero Tire & Tank, LLC
Aero Works
Aero-Craft Hydraulics, Inc.
AeroKool Aviation Corporation
Aero-Mach Labs, Inc.
Aero-Marine Technologies, Inc.
Aero-Mark MRO, LLC-dba Certified Aviation Services
Aeronautical Repair Station Association
Aeronautical Technology, Inc. dba Precision Aero Technology
AeroParts Manufacturing & Repair, Inc.
AeroRepair Corp.
Aerosource, Inc. – SAFRAN
Aerospace Engineering Group, S.L.
Aerospace Industries Association
Aerospace Quality Research & Development 145, LLC
Aerospace Testing Engineering & Certification Inc.-dba AeroTEC
Aerospace Turbine Rotables, Inc.
Aerospace Turbine Rotables, Inc. (Texas)
Aerotech Engineering Consultants
Aerotron AirPower, Inc. dba Fokker Aerotron
AerSale, Inc. dba Aero Mechanical Industries, Inc.
AgustaWestland Philadelphia Corp.
Air Cargo Equipment, Inc.
Air Shunt Instruments, Inc.
Air Technology Engines, Inc.
Air Transport Components, LLC
Airbus North America, Inc.
Air-Cert, Inc.
Aircraft & Component Technical Services
Aircraft Armature Inc. dba TSA Rewinds Florida, Inc.
Aircraft Component Repair, Inc.
Aircraft Ducting Repair, Inc.
Aircraft Electric Motors, Inc.
Aircraft Inspection Services, Inc.
Aircraft Lighting International
Aircraft Systems Division of Com-Jet Corp
Aircraft Tooling, Inc.
Airfoil Technology, Inc.
Airforce Turbine Service, Ltd.
Airframe Components by Williams, Inc.
Airgroup Dynamics, Inc.
Airline Component Parts, Inc.
Ajeton, Inc.
All Nippon Airways Company, Ltd.
AllFlight Corp.
Alpha Aircraft Services of America
Ameron Global Product Support
AMETEK Aircraft Parts & Accessories, Inc. dba AMETEK B&S Aircraft Parts & Accessories
Ametek Ameron, LLC dba Ameron Global Product Support
Ametek MRO Florida, Inc.
Amway Aviation dba Alticor, Inc.
AOG Aircraft Services Inc.
Arista Aviation Services, LLC
Arkwin Industries, Inc.
Asko Processing, Inc.
Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings
Auburn Aerospace, Inc.
Austin Aerotech, Inc.
Av8 Group dba Av8 MRO, LLC
Avborne Accessory Group, Inc.dba Avborne Component Solutions
Aviation Avionics & Instruments, Inc.
Aviation Blade Services Inc.
Aviation Component Solutions
Aviation Instruments Repair Specialists (AIRS), Inc.
Aviation Propellers, Inc.
Aviation Repair Resources, Inc. (ARR)
Aviation Repair Solutions, Inc.
Aviation Safety Products, Inc.
Aviation Technician Education Council
Aviation Welding Technologies LLC
AvidAir Helicopter Supply, Inc.
Avionics Shop, Inc.
Avocet Aviation Services, LLC
B&E Aircraft Component Repair, Inc.
B.V. Aviation, Inc. dba Universal Turbine Parts (UTP)
Barfield Precision Electronics, LLC
Barfield, Inc.
BBA Aviation
Bedek Aviation Group – IAI Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd.
Bemidji Aviation Services, Inc.
Berkley International, Inc.
Brainerd Helicopters / Rotorcraft Maintenance LLC
Brothers Aviation Maintenance Services, Inc.
Buckeye Turbines, LLC
C J Aviation, Inc.
C&S Propeller, LLC
Calvin Taff Electronics, Inc.
Camtronics, LLC
CanRep Inc.
Cargo Systems, Inc.
Carpe Diem Aviation Services of Missouri, Inc.
Carson Helicopters, Inc.
Central Cylinder Service, Inc.
Central Washington University
Chicago Helicopter Experience
Chromalloy Corporate Office
Citadel Completions, LLC
Cobalt Aero Services
Columbia Helicopters, Inc.
Commercial Aircraft Interiors, LLC
Commercial Jet, Inc.
Component Repair Technologies, Inc.
Compressed Gas Systems, LLC
Consolidated Turbine Specialists, LLC
Continental Aircraft Support, Inc.
Coopesa, R.L.
CorpAir Supply Company, Inc. dba AVMATS Component Support
Corporate Air Parts Inc. dba CAPS Aviation
Corporate Service Supply & Manufacturing
Critical Care Mediflight Inc.
Cross-Check Aviation
Curtiss Wright Controls, Inc.
Dan Brauhn-Indian Hills Community College
Dassault Falcon Jet do Brasil
Dassault Falcon Jet-Wilmington Corp.
Delta TechOps
Ders Group Svc LLC
DFW Instrument Corporation
Dr. Robert Marx
E.B. Airfoils, LLC.
E.U.A. Air Support, Inc.
Eagle Creek Aviation Services
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
EMC Aerospace Inc. dba Velocity Aerospace-NMB
Empire Airlines, Inc. d/b/a Empire Aerospace
Engine Disassembly Services, Inc. dba Engine Overhaul Services
Erickson Incorporated dba Erickson Air-Crane
ETI, Inc.
EuroTec Vertical Flight Solutions, LLC
Exotic Metals Forming Co., LLC
EXTEX Engineered Products-A Kaman Company
F&E Aircraft Maintenence (Miami) L.L.C dba Global Maintenance Technologies dba FEAM
Falcon Crest Accessories
Federal Express Corporation
Fieldtech Avionics & Instruments, Inc.
Fire-Tec Aero Systems, LLC
First Aviation Services, Inc.
First Class Air Repair
Fleet Support Services, Inc.
Flight Deck Specialists, Inc.
Florida Jet Center, Inc.
Ford Instruments & Accessories, LLC
Fortner Accessory Service Corp.
Fox Equipment Services, Inc.
Gables Engineering, Inc.
Gardner Aviation Specialist, Inc. dba Precision Aircraft Services
Gateway Alliance Co. dba Affinity Aeronautical Solutions, LLC
General MRO Aerospace, Inc.
Genesis Aviation, Inc.
Global Eagle Services, LLC
Global Parts Aero Services
Gulf Aerospace, Inc.
Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation
Gyro Specialist, Inc.
Gyros Unlimited dba North Bay Aviation
HAECO Americas
Hancock Enterprises Inc.
Harman’s Repair Station, Inc.
HEICO Aerospace Corporation
Helicopter Accessory Service East Inc.
Helicopter Services of Nevada LLC
Honda Aircraft Company, LLC
Honeywell International, Inc.- Phoenix
Hot Section Technologies, Inc.
Houston Aircraft Instruments, Inc.
IAR Technical Services LLC
IBM Flight Operations
Ikhana Aircraft Services
INAir Aviation Services Company
Inflatables International, Inc.
Innodyne Systems
International Turbine Industries, LLC
InterSky Precision Instruments, LLC
Intrepid Aerospace, Inc.
JAS Services/Team J.A.S.
JET Aircraft Maintenance, Inc.
Jet Aviation Specialists, Inc.
JetRight Aviation Maintenance
John Hanson, Sr./ Aerocerts Quality Assurance
Jordan Propeller Service, Inc.
Kellstrom Repair Services, Inc.
KippsDeSanto & Co.
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines-Engineering & Maintenance
L. J. Walch Company, Inc.
LAUNCH Technical Workforce Stations
Linear Motion LLC dba Thomson Aerospace & Defense
Lone Mountain Aircraft
Lynden Air Cargo, LLC
Mach II Maintenance
Marvel-Schebler Aircraft Carburetors, LLC
Master Air Parts, Inc.
Metro Aviation, Inc.
Miami Aircraft Structures, Inc.
Mid-Continent Instruments and Avionics
Midway Aerospace
Midwest Turbine Services, LLC
Millennium International
Mingo Aerospace, LLC
MRO Holdings
MRO Holdings
MRO Holdings
MT Texas, LLC
MTI Aviation, Inc.
MTU Maintenance Hannover GmbH
Mx2Fly, LLC
NAASCO Northeast Corporation
Nampa Valley Helicopters, Inc.
NAS Component Maintenance, Inc.
National Business Aviation Association, Inc.
National Flight Services, Inc.
New Image Aero Interiors-dba NIA Interiors
NFF Avionics Services, Inc.
Ni-Cad Systems, Inc.
Nitetrain Aviation
North Star Aerospace, Inc.
Northwest Propeller Service, Inc.
Overhaul Accessory, Inc.
Ozark Aeroworks, LLC
Pac West Helicopters, Inc.
Pacific Aero Tech, LLC
Pacific Aerospace, LLC
Pacific Turbine Brisbane
Palm Beach Aircraft Propeller, Inc.
Papillon Airways
Paz Aviation, Inc.
Performance Repair Group
Perkins Aircraft Windows, Inc.
Peter Stonefield
Piedmont Propulsion Systems, LLC
PPG Industries Inc.-dba PPG Aerospace Transparencies
Precision Fuel Components, LLC
Quality Aviation Instruments, Inc. dba QAI Aerospace
R.T. Turbines, Inc.
R.W. Raddatz, Inc.
Rapco Fleet Support, Inc.
Rapco, Inc.
Ravn Alaska
REB Technologies Inc., dba REBTECH
Regional Avionics Repair, LLC
Repairtech International, Inc.
Restored Aircraft Sales & Service, LLC
Richard Authement-U.S. Air Force
Rocky Mountain Propellers, Inc.
Rotorcraft Services Group
Rotron, Inc., dba Ametek Rotron
Royal Technical Group, Inc.
RUAG Schweiz AG / RUAG Aviation
S & T Aircraft Accessories, Inc.
S Tec Corporation
S3 Repair Services, LLC
Safran Nacelles Services Americas
SAI Flight Support Company
Scott Richard Aircraft Maintenance
Seal Aviation, LLC
Shoreline Marine, Inc., dba Safetech – Humble
SIA Engineering Company, Ltd.
Signature Engines, Inc.
Skytech Aviation, Inc.
SkyWest Airlines
Soniq Aerospace, LP
Southern Air Repair Corp.
Southern Oregon Skyways, Inc. dba Jet Center MFR
Southern Utah University-William Stephens
Southwest Airlines
Southwest Airmotive Corp.
Southwest Turbine, Inc.
Southwind Aviation Supply, LLC
StandardAero Alliance, Inc.
Star Aviation, Inc.
Stein Seal Company
Structural Evaluation Technologies, Inc. dba SETAero
Sunshine Aero Industries, Inc.
T&W Electric Service Inc.
TAE Aerospace, Inc.
Tarrant County College
Team Aerospace, Inc.
Tech-Aire Instruments, Inc.
Tennessee Aircraft Company, Inc.
Texas Air Services, Inc. dba Texas Air Repair
The Aviation Group, Inc.
The Barden Corporation (Schaeffler Aerospace)
The Boeing Company
The Giles Group
The NORDAM Group, Inc.-Repair Division
The Pennsylvania State University
Thomas Global Systems, LLC
Timberline Helicopters, Inc.
TMx Aero, LLC
TPS Aerospace, LLC, dba Aviation Industry Repair
Trace Aviation
Triumph Airborne Structures LLC
Turbine Controls, Inc.
Turbine Standard, Ltd.
Turbines, Inc.
Twin Manufacturing Co., dba TWIN MRO
Unical 145, Inc.
Unicorp Systems, Inc.
Unipak Aviation, LLC
United Technologies Corporation
United Technologies Corporation
VT Mobile Aerospace Engineering, Inc.
Warner Propeller and Governor Co., LLC
Wencor, LLC (Peachtree City)
Wencor, LLC (Peachtree City)
Western Aero Repair, Inc.
WGI, Inc. dba Westfield Gage Company Overhaul and Repair
Windsor Airmotive West chester Division-Barnes Aerospace
World Class Accessory, Inc.
Yuba-Sutter Aviation