What is ARSA PAC?

The Aeronautical Repair Station Association Political Action Committee (ARSA PAC) is a special fund designed to allow financial contributions to U.S. House and Senate candidates who support the legislative goals of the civil aviation industry.

Who may contribute to ARSA PAC?

Only executive, management, and administrative employees of ARSA member companies who have given solicitation permission can contribute. These employees must be United States citizens or lawful permanent residents (i.e., “green card” holders). Additionally, ARSA PAC can only accept personal (not corporate) contributions.

Why is it important for ARSA members to support ARSA PAC?

Elected officials in Washington are constantly considering policies that will have a direct impact on your business and on the economy as a whole. It is crucial that ARSA participate in the process of electing those lawmakers. Personal contributions to ARSA PAC help to ensure that we have the resources necessary to support the appropriate candidates and to have our voice heard in the legislative decision-making process.


ARSA PAC Solicitation Consent Form


I hereby give permission for the Aeronautical Repair Station Association Political Action Committee to solicit contributions from:
  • Authority

    By completing and submitting this form I certify that I have the authority to give such solicitation consent and that my company has not given solicitation permission to any other trade association political action committee for the year(s) indicated.
  • Consent

    Federal law requires separate and specific consent for each year. Check the box for every year for which you wish to give solicitation permission.

    As required by federal law, your company cannot authorize any other trade association PAC to solicit its employees during the calendar years designated and cannot approve such solicitations for any year in which prior approval is granted to ARSA PAC. Understand that this authorization in no way obligates you or anyone else in your company to make a contribution.
  • Press the 'Submit' button only once.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.