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ARSA Submits Repairman Portability Task to FAA

The 2018 FAA reauthorization law included a provision directing the administrator to task the agency’s Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee (ARAC) to recommend policy changes necessary to make repairman certificates portable from one employing certificate holder to another.

Under current FAA regulations (14 CFR part 65, subpart E), individuals employed and recommended by an FAA-certificated repair station or air carrier, may apply for and obtain a repairman certificate. This certificate differs from a mechanic certificate issued under part 65, subpart D in that it qualifies the individual to work “only in connection with the duties for the certificate holder by whom the repairman was employed and recommended.” When the repairman leaves the employ of the repair station or air carrier, he or she loses the certificate and must reapply when beginning work for a new employer.

ARSA proposed the ARAC repairman language in the FAA bill due to concerns that the current rules undermine workforce mobility, create inefficiency for certificate holders, employers and the FAA and fail to recognize the broad range of skills represented in the maintenance industry’s technical workforce. On April 19, the association followed through on the effort by delivering draft tasking language to Acting Administrator Dan Elwell.

The association is now awaiting word from the FAA about how the agency will proceed. Once there is consensus on the task, it will be published in the Federal Register for comment and to allow interested individuals to participate in the repairman certificate working group.

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9/18/17 - ARSA Training: Part 65 Repairman Certificates

September 18, 2017

This session reviews the requirements of 14 CFR part 65 subpart E, which concerns aviation repairmen. It presents the language of part 65 in the context of parts 121, 135 and 145 as well as agency guidance regarding the management of repairman applications. Throughout, the session connects and compares the repairman’s requirements to those of the mechanic’s certificate issued under part 65.

Instructors: Sarah MacLeod & Brett Levanto

Click here to register and get access for 90 days.

This is the third session on part 65 the association has made available (see the other two below). Want all three? Click here to purchase together and save.

5/14/09 - ARSA Responds to FAA Inaction on Repairmen

May 14, 2009

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8/7/08 - ARSA Clarifies Repairman Request

August 7, 2008

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11/21/07 - ARSA Seeks Removal of Prohibition for Issuing Repairman Certificates

November 21, 2007

In a letter to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), ARSA requested removal of the prohibition on issuing repairman certificates for airframe and powerplant qualified individuals. Current internal FAA guidance prohibits the issuance of repairman certificates as a substitute for a mechanic certificate. After researching the issue, the Association requested that the FAA issue airmen certificates based upon the request and qualifications of the individual.

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ARSA Training: Part 65 Repairman Certificates

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