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The association provides model manuals, programs and supplements designed to assist companies with regulatory compliance. Each model or template has been designed based on industry experience, agency guidance and plain-language interpretation of regulatory requirements. The documents have been formatted for easy customization and update.

Tools for ARSA Members Only

The following publications are available free of charge to individuals from association member organizations. To access copies, contact ARSA.

Advisory 2017-01: Importing Aircraft Parts for Repair Duty Free
Communications Tracking Log
Government Relations Chart
Form E100: New Article Inspection Form
Press Release Template
Petition for Exemption from 145.109(d) Toolkit
Repair Station Security Compliance Checklist (2014)
Repair Station Security Fact Sheet (2018)
Small Business Administration Ombudsman Comment Toolkit for ICA Issues (2018)
Working Away Advisory Original Issue, 5/24/16

ARSA-Produced Publications and Resources

The ARSA team is currently overhauling its model manuals and related documents. When this update is complete, new versions of each product listed below will be available for purchase from the association (members receive discounted prices).

If you need assistance development or correcting repair station documentation, contact ARSA for more information and possible assistance by its management firm, Obadal, Filler, MacLeod & Klein, P.L.C:

Repair Station Quality Manual (RSQM)
Training Program Manual
Forms Manual and Related Documents (Repair Station and Maintenance Forms, Letters and Instructions for Completion of Certain FAA Forms)
Canadian Supplement & Cross Reference Table
European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Supplement