Joke with ARSA

Catching up on your ARSA periodical reading (the Daily Intelligence, Dispatch, or hotline) and need to know the punchline to one of the jokes from a past edition? Seek no more:

What happens to a bad airplane joke? It never lands.

Why should you study in an airplane? It’s a form of higher education.

Where does a mountain climber keep their aircraft? In a cliffhanger.

Two wrongs don’t make a right, but … two Wrights (and a Taylor) make an airplane.

What did the football player say to the flight attendant? Put me in coach.

Why did the flight attendant refuse to move the passenger away from the screaming baby? Turns out they don’t do that when the baby is yours. (Submitted by Matt Agostini)

Why was the little airplane sent to her hangar? Bad attitude.

Why did the librarian get kicked off the plane? Because it was overbooked!

Flying is a pilot’s second passion…landing is their first! (Submitted by ARSA member John Grass.)

Wife: What’s the bad news?
Well, your husband fell from the airplane!
Oh no, what’s the good news?
He had his parachute on!
Ok, so what’s the other bad news?
His parachute did not deploy!
So what in the world could be the other good news?
Instructor: We hadn’t left the ground yet!
(Submitted by ARSA member Bob Mabe.)

No reason this can’t be fun you know…

ARSA’s team has been up jokes in its periodical advertisements and driving readers to the advertising page for the punchline. The association invites you to share your favorite joke or wisecrack – maybe it will be featured in our communications – via the Ask ARSA portal.

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