2021 – Edition 12 – Year in Review

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Worth Doing Again
December’s Work
2021 in Review
Upcoming Events

Worth Doing Again

By Brett Levanto, Vice President of Operations

Regardless of the year, each January provides a reminder for ARSA that “anything worth doing is worth doing again.” By building on success and learning from shortcomings, we get better every time around.

ARSA invites you to walk through some of the key events from last year and see how the association’s work covered all corners of the maintenance industry’s interests. Below, after a few updates from December – we need to stay current, after all – you’ll see the pieces that best capture all the issues that deserved attention in 2021. 

Each story will take you to the hotline in which it appeared.


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December’s Work

2022 Annual Conference – Register Now

March 8-11, 2022

Arlington, Virginia and Washington, D.C. with Livestream Options for Online Participants

Registration | Information | Hotel Reservations

Experience the maintenance community’s premier event. Join ARSA members and invited guests from around the world to engage governments, network with peers and improve the state of the aviation world.

In-person attendees may select a “Conference Ambassador” to receive free livestream access back at the fixed location.


Industry Presses FAA on ICA

On Dec. 27, representatives of 14 aviation industry associations urged FAA Administrator Steve Dickson to act on the agency’s enforcement of rules related to instructions for continued airworthiness (ICA).

The group, which included ARSA and many of its long-standing allies, delivered a letter requesting the administrator assign the matter to the Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee (ARAC). A draft ARAC tasking provided with the letter directs a study of the issue and requests a report with recommendations to address regulatory concerns.

The letter highlighted President Biden’s July 9, 2021 Executive Order (EO) “Promoting Competition in the American Economy.” Moving forward on ICA would uphold the FAA’s responsibility under the EO’s whole-of-government policy to consider and address the impact of its regulations on the industry. Aviation safety rules have long required design approval holders (DAH) to prepare ICA and make them available. The agency has been slow to enforce these obligations but has vigilantly imposed requirements that maintenance be done in accordance with instructions that are often constructively unavailable.

“The lack of clear guidance regarding DAH obligations has led to the proliferation of practices that are inconsistent with the language and intent of ICA requirements, including absolute refusals to provide data, onerous licensing policies, and economically impractical pricing,” the letter said. “The situation negatively impacts many categories of regulated stakeholders…In establishing its rules, the agency determined that access to and possession of ICA is important to safety. However, FAA’s nebulous enforcement regime represents a weak link in the airworthiness chain.”

To read the full letter, click here.

To review the draft ARAC tasking delivered with the letter, click here.

In addition to ARSA, the letter was supported by the following organizations:
Aircraft Electronics Association
Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
Airlines for America
Aviation Suppliers Association
Aviation Technician Education Council
Cargo Airline Association
Helicopter Association International
Modification and Replacement Parts Association
National Air Carrier Association
National Air Transportation Association
National Business Aviation Association
Professional Aviation Maintenance Association
Regional Airline Association


SOCAC – Follow This Map

On Dec. 8, the Safety Oversight and Certification Advisory Committee (SOCAC) accepted the final report of its Subcommittee on the Workforce Development and Training task. The SOCAC was asked to recommend ways to develop, supplement, and train an agile aviation safety workforce in cooperation with industry.

The SOCAC emphasized that the industry and the agency are obtaining personnel from the same pool of talent. It is also recognized that while aviation may be have many exciting opportunities, it is competing with a number of other industries. It is vital that a civil aviation workforce be inclusive, with many opportunities for placement and advancement based on clear expectations.

The report details the SOCAC Work Group research on the best educational methodologies. From the results, it outlines a four-level approach to imparting knowledge in the three areas essential to the National Air Space (NAS) responsibilities in design, production, operation, and maintenance arenas: (1) regulatory compliance, (2) technology, and (3) professional development.

The report outlined the levels of knowledge from basic (Level 1) to specific in-depth (Level 4) and provides examples of training experiences and expectations that align with efforts by third-party accreditation organizations. The areas and levels provide a roadmap for the industry and the agency to recruit, develop, and retain a diverse, agile, and competent workforce with transparent career advancement opportunities and resources.

The SOCAC recommended the agency take immediate actions to establish its commitment to supporting the task of workforce training and development:

(1) Formulate knowledge requirements for its workforce.

(2) Rely on outside parties (ranging from other federal agencies to knowledgeable individuals) to provide subject matter expertise on an immediate basis and in training.

(3) Encourage the mutual and collaborative development of educational opportunities by:

(a) Simplifying the IA training course approval process (which was out for comment at the time the recommendation was adopted).

(b) Encouraging industry to make more courses available to both industry and FAA participants (increasing educational opportunities and providing better instruction on emerging technologies).

(c) Establishing methodologies and metrics for objectively judging whether third-party training is acceptable and effective.

(d) Establishing policies for the FAA to collaborate with the private sector in developing training.

“The work from this task can be utilized to assist industry and FAA in hiring, training, and leveraging a workforce that must perform in a dynamic environment,” the report said, “The recommendations may be used to develop workforce knowledge standards to promote the career development and the critical thinking essential for adapting to legislative, regulatory, and technological advancements.”

To read the complete report, click here.

To view the FAA’s webpage for SOCAC materials, click here.


EU Seeks Input on Chlorinated Paraffins

The European Chemicals Agency (ECA) is seeking information from maintenance providers on the use of and alternatives to medium-chain chlorinated paraffins (MCCP) in metalworking applications. ARSA encourages impacted member organizations to assist.

The ECA is the EU agency responsible for implementing European chemicals legislation related to human health and the environment. The purpose of the study is to gather relevant information for a potential restriction proposal for MCCP under the REACH Regulation.

In the context of the study, MCCP are chlorinated paraffins with a carbon chain length between C14 and C17 (aka C14-C17 congeners). The scope of the investigation covers any substances or mixtures that would contain C14-C17 congeners.

To Assist

(1) Click here to download a questionnaire (Microsoft Word format) for MCCP downstream users.
(2) Return the completed questionnaire to Indicate if you would like your response to be treated as confidential (only anonymous, summary data will be presented).

The deadline for comment submission is Friday, Jan. 21. 

More Information

(1) Click here to review a ECA letter confirming its collaboration with WCA Environmental Ltd (the contract firm performing the study).
(2) Submit questions or comments about the study to


Unpacking a Parachute AD

In July 2021, ARSA requested clarification of the FAA’s authority to issue an Airworthiness Directive, questioning the April 22 posting of an AD against certain Uninsured United Parachute Technologies, LLC Parachutes.

According to 14 CFR § 39.3: “FAA’s airworthiness directives are legally enforceable rules that apply to the following products: aircraft, aircraft engines, propellers, and appliances.” The association’s letter reviewed the relevant definitions in § 1.1 against this applicability, concluding a parachute could not be included under the definition of an aircraft, aircraft engine, propeller, or appliance.

“Considering the fact part 39 does not include parachutes in its applicability, please explain the FAA’s authority to issue the subject AD,” the letter requested.

ARSA followed up after the FAA’s initial response was unsatisfactory and was met with continued refusal by the FAA Chief Counsel to consider the substantive questions of its authority to issue an AD against a parachute. On Dec. 3, the association sent a letter to the Department of Transportations Office of General Counsel.

On Dec. 3, ARSA sent a letter to the Department of Transportation’s Office of General Counsel. To review that letter – to which the entire correspondence so far is attached – click here. Members can review a “Layman Lawyer’s” analysis of the issue in the November edition of the hotline (linked below in 2021 in Review).

Learn more about ADs…

ARSA Training: Airworthiness Directives

And test your ability to define “appliance”…

Is it an Appliance? Why Do you Care? [On-demand Training]


Welcome & Welcome Back – New & Renewing Members [Full Year]

ARSA’s members give the association life – its work on behalf of the maintenance community depends on the commitment of these organizations. Here’s to the companies that joined or renewed in 2021.

New Members


Aircraft Technologies Group, Inc., R01
Aviation & Marketing International, Inc., R01
Colorado Northwestern Community College, EDU
Federal Aerospace Institute LLC, EDU
James Campanella, Affil
Daniel, Michael, EDU
Pem-Air, LLC, R02
US Technicians, Inc., R01
Valcor Engineering Corporation, R01


Aviation Consultants, Inc. dba ACI Jet, R03
Columbus Aero Service LLC, R01
Flight Power Repair Group, LLC , R03
Ingold Aviation, LLC , R01
Peninsula Avionics, Inc. , R01
Precision Airparts Support Services, Inc., R02
Prime Turbines, LLC , R03
TMC Engine Center, Inc., R02
Timberline Helicopters, Inc., R01
Turbine Aircraft Logistics, LLC, R01


Sky Aircraft Maintenance, LLC, R01
PropWorks Propeller Systems, R02


Aero Hydraulics, Inc., R01
Avio Turbine Techs, LLC, R01
Crew Aviation LLC , R01
Danville Community College, EDU
Evans Composites, Inc., R03


Aero Brigham, LLC, R02
Business Jet Services, LTD. dba Business Jet Access, R02


FJ Turbine Power, Inc., R03
Great American Barnstormers, Inc. dba Mapoles Aviation, R01


Cosgrove Aircraft service, Inc., R01
Quality Aircraft Accessories, Inc., R01
PT. Wira Jasa Angkasa , R03


Sherwood Avionics & Accessories, Inc. dba Sherwood Aviation, R04


MHIRJ Aviation ULC , R05
Rose Aircraft Services, Inc. dba Rose Upholstery Inc., R04
Wavestream Corporation, R04


Classic Service Center LLC dba Helicopter Services of Utah, R02
Marathon FBO Partners dba Aero Center Wilmington, R01
PHI Aviation, LLC , R04

Renewing Members (Member Since)


Aerotech Engineering Consultants, Affil, 2016
Air Shunt Instruments, Inc., R02, 1999
Aircraft Component Repair, Inc., R03, 1987
ATP USA, Inc, R01, 2017
Austin Aerotech Repair Services Inc., R01, 2012
Aviation Avionics & Instruments, Inc., R03, 2012
Aviation Instruments Repair Specialists (AIRS), Inc., R03, 1994
Barfield Precision Electronics, LLC, R04, 1996
Brothers Aviation Maintenance Services, Inc., R01, 2016
Central Cylinder Service, Inc., R01, 1985
Cobalt Aero Services, R03, 2012
Consolidated Turbine Specialists, LLC, R03, 2018
Delta TechOps, Corp, 2002
Gardner Aviation Specialist, Inc. dba Precision Aircraft Services, R01, 2018
Helicopter Services, Inc., R01, 2019
Honda Aircraft Company, LLC, R04, 2018
Ikhana Group, Inc. dba Ikhana Aircraft Holdings, LLC, R04, 2003
Liebherr-Aerospace Saline, Inc., R05, 2006
Mach II Maintenance, R04, 2018
Marx, Dr. Robert, EDU, 2018
Mid-Continent Instruments & Avionics, R04, 1998
Moog, Inc., Corp, 1997
NORDAM Group LLC-Repair Division, Corp, 1984
Rapco, Inc., Assoc, 1990
Rotortech Services, Inc., R02, 2019
Skytech Aviation, Inc., R01, 2013
Southwest Turbine, Inc., R02, 2018
Southwind Aviation Supply, LLC, R02, 2008
Tailwind Inspection, Inc., R01, 2006
Tarrant County College, EDU, 2017
Team J.A.S., Inc., R02, 2004
The Giles Group, Affil, 2013
World Class Accessory, Inc., R01, 2007


AerSale Component Solutions, Inc.-NM, R05, 2011
Air-Cert, Inc., R01, 1990
Aircraft Armature Inc. dba TSA Rewinds Florida, Inc., R02, 2019
Alpha Aircraft Services of America, R01, 2012
Windsor Airmotive West Chester Division-Barnes Aerospace, R04, 1995
Carbon Component Tech Services, LLC, R01, 2019
Carpe Diem Aviation Services of Missouri, Inc., R02, 2012
Compressed Gas Systems, LLC, R02, 2012
Continental Aircraft Support, Inc., R03, 2004
Gables Engineering, Inc., Assoc, 1995
IHI Corporation, R06, 2019
LAUNCH Technical Workforce Solutions, LLC, R01, 2019
Linear Motion LLC, R01, 2017
Master Air Parts, Inc., R01, 2013
Mingo Aerospace, LLC, R03, 2005
MTU Maintenance Dallas, Inc., R02, 2020
Reliable Jet Maintenance, LLC, R03, 2020
Timberline Helicopters, Inc., R01, 2013
Turbine Controls, Inc., R04, 1988
Western Aero Repair, Inc., R03, 2011


Accurate Accessories, LLC, R01, 2002
Advanced Composite Structures Florida LLC, R03, 2015
AERO Component Repair, LLC, R01, 2011
AeroParts Manufacturing & Repair, Inc., R04, 2016
Aerospace Precision, Inc., R02, 2011
Aery Aviation, LLC, Assoc, 2019
Airbus Americas, Inc., Assoc, 1995
Aircraft Electric Motors, Inc., R04, 1984
Alirio Aircraft Services Inc. dba 24Jets, R01, 2019
AMETEK Aircraft Parts & Accessories, Inc. , R03, 1985
Auburn Aerospace, Inc., Affil, 2001
Av8 MRO LLC, R03, 2014
Avborne Accessory Group, Inc. dba AerSale Component Solutions, R04, 2013
AvidAir Helicopter Supply, Inc., R01, 2011
Avionics Shop, Inc., R01, 2011
C&S Propeller, LLC, R01, 2016
Cadorath Aerospace Lafayette, LLC, R03, 2005
Cargo Systems, Inc., R01, 1999
Chromalloy, Corp, 1993
Davis Aviation, Inc., R01, 2009
Harman’s Repair Station, Inc., R01, 2012
INAir Aviation Services Company, R02, 2003
LORD Coiporation, R04, 2002
Precision Turbine Services LLC, R01, 2020
S3 International, LLC, R02, 2010
Scott Richard Aircraft Maintenance, R02, 2010
SONICO, Inc., R03, 1995
Spirit AeroSystems, Inc., R03, 2005
TAE Aerospace, Inc., R01, 2019
Toledo Jet Center, LLC, R03, 2010
Vanguard Aerospace, LLC, R01, 2016


A.O.G. Reaction, Inc., R02, 1993
AEE-EMF, Inc. d.b.a. Aircraft Electrical Electronics, R01, 2009
Aircraft Specialties, Inc., R03, 2019
All Nippon Airways Company, Ltd., Assoc, 2001
Answers Aerospace Engineering LLC, R01, 2021
Asko Processing, Inc., R04, 1996
Coopesa, R.L., R06, 1996
Earp Aviation Repairs LLC, R01, 2019
EcoServices, LLC, R02, 2020
Erickson Incorporated dba Erickson Air-Crane, R05, 1997
Ford Instruments & Accessories, LLC, R01, 2018
Jet Center MFR dba Southern Oregon Skyways, R02, 2006
Helimax Aviation, Inc., R03, 2019
Lufthansa Technik AG, Corp, 2001
Metro Aviation, Inc., Assoc, 2003
Ohio State University Airport, EDU, 2020
Ohlinger Industries, Inc., R04, 2006
S.E.A.L. Aviation  LLC, R03, 2014
Signature Aviation, Corp, 2013
Southern Air Repair, Corp., R01, 2016
Southwest Airlines, R06, 2005
Twin Manufacturing Co., dba TWIN MRO, R04, 1993
Wencor, LLC, Corp, 2018
WGI, Inc. dba Westfield Gage Company Overhaul and Repair, R03, 2018


Aerospace Turbine Rotables, Inc. (Texas), R01, 2016
AeroKool Aviation Corporation, R04, 2017
Aviation Communication & Surveillance Systems, LLC, R02, 2002
Aviation Repair Resources, Inc. (ARR), R02, 2009
Aviation Safety Products, Inc., R01, 2013
Fargo Jet Center, R04, 2020
Honeywell International, Inc., Corp, 1996
Houston Aircraft Instruments, Inc., R01, 2002
L. J. Walch Co., Inc., R03, 1985
NAASCO Northeast Corporation, R02, 2002
Pacific Aero Tech, LLC, R03, 1994
Pennsylvania State University, EDU, 2016
Performance Repair Group, LLC, R02, 2013
Piedmont Propulsion Systems, LLC, R03, 2011
Quality Aviation Instruments, Inc. dba QAI Aerospace, R03, 2012
R.W. Raddatz, Inc., R03, 2004
Southwest Aerospace Technologies, LLC, R01, 2019
STS Aviation Group, Corp, 2020
Thales Avionics, Inc., R04, 2006
Triumph Airborne Structures, LLC, Corp, 2003


Aerospace Engineering Group, S.L., R03, 2014
Aeroworx, Inc, R02, 2010
Air Transport Components, LLC, R03, 2015
F&E Aircraft Maintenance (Miami) L.L.C , R06, 2012
IAR Technical Services LLC, R03, 2017
Lynden Air Cargo, LLC, Assoc., 2000
Marvel-Schebler Aircraft Carburetors, LLC, R02, 2011
MTU Maintenance Hannover GmbH, R06, 2007
NFF Avionics Services, Inc., R01, 2010
Pac West Helicopters, Inc., R02, 2009
Pacific Aerospace, LLC, R01, 2005
S & T Aircraft Accessories, Inc., R02, 2003
SAI Flight Support Company, R01, 2016
Southwest Airmotive Corp., R01, 2012
T&W Aircraft Electrical, LLC, R01, 2014
Unicorp Systems, Inc., R03, 2003
Warner Propeller and Governor Co., LLC, R01, 2010


AAR Corp., Corp, 1985
Aero Design Services, Inc., Affil, 2000
Aerotron AirPower, Inc. dba Fokker Aerotron, R04, 1990
AllFlight Corporation, R03, 2011
Bemidji Aviation Services, Inc., R03, 2017
Cross-Check Aviation, R02, 2003
DART Aerospace, R02, 2019
E.U.A. Air Support, Inc., R01, 2003
Empire Airlines, Inc. d/b/a Empire Aerospace, R03, 2002
Eagle Creek Aviation Services, R04, 2016
EXTEX Engineered Products-A Kaman Company, Assoc, 2002
Fleet Support Services, Inc., R01, 2013
Helicopter Services of Nevada LLC, R02, 2005
Hot Section Technologies, Inc. , R01, 2017
MT Texas, LLC, R03, 1990
Nampa Valley Helicopters, Inc., R02, 1993
Ozark Aeroworks, LLC , R02, 2015
Rotorcraft Repair & Manufacturing, LLC, R01, 2019
Sunshine Aero Industries, Inc., R01, 2003
Texas Air Services, Inc., R02, 2003
Turbine Weld Industries, LLc, R03, 2004
Unipak Aviation, LLC, R02, 2003


A Plus Avionics Corp. dba AvionTEq, R01, 2020
Aeronautical Technology, Inc. dba Precision Aero Technology, R03, 1993
Aerospace Welding Minneapolis, Inc. , R01, 2020
Aero-Mark MRO, LLC-dba Certified Aviation Services, R02, 2015
Aircraft Lighting International, Inc., R01, 2018
Aircraft Systems Division of Com-Jet Corp, R03, 2011
Airframe Components by Williams, Inc., R02, 2003
Ameron Global Product Support, R02, 2004
Ametek Ameron, LLC dba Ameron Global Product Support, R01, 1989
Arista Aviation Services, LLC, R04, 2018
Aviation Repair Solutions, Inc., R02, 2006
The Boeing Company, Corp, 1996
CorpAir Supply Company, Inc. dba AVMATS Component Support, R02, 2001
Dassault Falcon Jet – Wilmington Corp., R05, 2002
Curtiss-Wright Actuation Systems, R03, 2003
Eastern Airlines Technic Co., Ltd., R04, 2017
General MRO Aerospace, Inc., R03, 2015
HEICO Aerospace Corporation, Corp, 1992
International Turbine Industries, LLC, R02, 2010
Intrepid Aerospace, Inc., R02, 2016
Jordan Propeller Service, Inc., R02, 2002
National Flight Services, Inc., R04, 1991
Pearl River Community College, EDU, 2020
Paz Aviation, Inc., R02, 2016
REB Technologies Inc., dba REBTECH, R02, 2003
Regional Avionics Repair, LLC, R03, 2006
Rotron, Inc. dba Ametek Rotron, R02, 2016
Signature Engines, Inc., R01, 2017
Team Aerospace, Inc., R01, 2005
Unical 145, Inc., R04, 2012


AerSale Goodyear Aircraft Operations Center, 2015, R04
Aero Instruments & Avionics, Inc., 1991, R04
Air Cargo Equipment, Inc., 2010, R01
Air Technology Engines, Inc., R03, 2006
Aircraft Ducting Repair, Inc., R03, 2002
Airforce Turbine Service, Ltd., R02, 2010
Airfrance Industries-KLM Engineering & Maintenance, Assoc, 2010
Arkwin Industries, Inc., R02, 1995
Calvin Taff Electronics, Inc., R01, 2003
Commercial Jet, Inc., R04, 1999
Dassault Falcon Jet do Brazil, R02, 2010
EuroTec Vertical Flight Solutions, LLC, R02, 2004
Federal Express Corporation, Assoc, 2000
Florida Jet Center, Inc., R02, 2013
Global Parts Aero Services, R01, 2012
HAECO Americas, Corp, 2000
IBM Flight Operations, Assoc, 1997
Miami Aircraft Structures, Inc., R02, 2003
Midway Aircraft Instrument Corporation dba Midway Aerospace, R02, 2004
Midwest Turbine Service, LLC, R01, 2015
Millennium Internationa, R02, 2013
MTI Aviation, Inc., R01, 2011
Pacific Turbine Brisbane, R03, 2018
Palm Beach Aircraft Propellers, Inc., R02, 2001
Peter Stonefield, Affil, 2010
Rapco Fleet Support, Inc., R01, 2008
Raytheon Technologies Corporation, Corp, 1997
S & K Aerospace dba AE & C Services. LLC, R01, 2017
Safran Nacelles Services Americas, LLC, R01, 2017
Schaeffler Aerospace USA Corporation, R01, 2012
Structural Evaluation Technologies Inc. dba SETAero, R02, 2018
Tech-Aire Instruments, Inc., R01, 2012
Thomas Global Systems, LLC, R01, 2012
Trace Aviation, R02, 2017
Yuba-Sutter Aviation, R01, 2018
Zee Company, Inc., R02, 2019


A.O.G Aircraft Services Inc., R01, 2018
Aerospace Turbine Rotables, Inc., R04, 2011
AerSale Landing Gear Solutions, R02, 2009
Aircraft Inspection Services, Inc., R01, 2013
Alaska Airlines, Assoc, 2019
Aviation & Marketing International, Inc., R01, 2021
Aviation Blade Services Inc., R02, 2018
Bridger Aviation Repair LLC, R03, 2019
Citadel Completions LLC, R04, 2018
Columbia Helicopters, Inc., R06, 1998
Dan Brauhn-Indian Hills Community College, EDU, 2015
Engine Disassembly Services, Inc. dba Engine Overhaul Services, R01, 2018
Fieldtech Avionics & Instruments, Inc., R04, 2016
First Aviation Services, Inc., Assoc, 2018
Fortner Accessory Service Corp., R01, 2002
Gyro Specialist, Inc., R01, 2011
Inflatables International, Inc., R01, 2002
JET Aircraft Maintenance, Inc., R04, 2010
Linear Motion LLC, R02, 2017
PPG Industries Inc.-dba PPG Aerospace Transparencies, R02, 2005
Repairtech International, Inc., R03, 1992
Restored Aircraft Sales & Service, LLC, R01, 2019
SDM Avionics LLC, R01, 2019
Soniq Aerospace, LP, R01, 2016
Southwind Aviation Supply, LLC, R02, 2008
Tennessee Aircraft Company, Inc., R01, 2012
Turbine Standard, Ltd., R03, 2003


Aero Products Component Services, Inc., R03, 2019
Aircraft Technologies Group, Inc., R01, 2021
Austin Aerotech Repair Services Inc., R01, 2012
Component Repair Technologies, Inc., R05, 1995
Fire-Tec Aero Systems, LLC, R01, 2013
Gateway Alliance Co. dba Affinity Aeronautical Solutions, LLC, R02, 2018
Daniel, Michael, Affil, 2020
Helicopter Services, Inc., R01, 2019
Liebherr-Aerospace Saline, Inc., R05, 2006
MRO Holdings, Corp, 2017
Papillon Airways, R03, 2011
Turbines, Inc., R02, 2017
US Technicians, Inc., R01, 2021


Aircraft & Component Technical Services, LLC, R02, 2009
Ammark Aerospace group, LLC, R01, 2020
Aviation Avionics & Instruments, Inc., R03, 2012
AvidAir Helicopter Supply, Inc., R01, 2011
C&S Propeller, LLC, R02, 2016
Carbon Component Tech Services, LLC, R01, 2019
Central Cylinder Service, Inc., R01, 1985
Gulf Aerospace, Inc., R02, 2005
Gyros Unlimited dba North Bay Aviation, R03, 2011
Helicopter Accessory Service East Inc., R02, 2018
Ikhana Group, Inc. dba Ikhana Aircraft Holdings, LLC, R04, 2003
Mach II Maintenance Corp., R04, 2018
Marx, Dr. Robert, EDU, 2018
Mid-Continent Instrument Co., Inc. dba Mid-Continent Instruments & Avionics, R04, 1998
MTU Maintenance Dallas, Inc., R02, 2020
Precision Airparts Support Services, Inc. , R02, 2021
Prime Turbines, LLC , R03, 2021
StandardAero Alliance, Inc., Corp, 2010
Turbine Controls, Inc., R04, 1988
Valcor Engineering Corporation, R01, 2004


Final Documents/Your Two Cents

This list includes Federal Register publications, such as final rules, Advisory Circulars and policy statements, as well as proposed rules and policies of interest to ARSA members from December 2021.

To view the list, click here.


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2021 in Review

Each story will take you to the hotline in which it appeared (which means readers should beware the timeliness of references and seek follow up on key issues).

Leading Off

May 7 – Manual Transmission Comes Standard

Just like a skilled driver directs a car’s machinery, repair stations make their manual systems work by getting hands on.

July 2 – From the Heart

ARSA Managing Director & General Counsel Marshall S. Filler looks forward to his retirement by reflecting on 50 years in service to the aviation community.

Aug. 6 – The Purpose of Engagement

ARSA has used every opportunity within its resources to focus U.S. government attention on FAA’s inconsistent enforcement of the rules requiring the provisioning and use of manufacturer’s maintenance information. The association providing leadership, coordination, and resources has little chance of success without member engagement.

Nov. 5 – Throwing Our Weight Around

The association’s new president explains: Like any boxer worth his salt, everyone who benefits from ARSA’s good work must pay their dues.


ARSA Works

All Year: Anti-Viral Measures

For the use of its members and the larger aviation community, ARSA is maintaining this public webpage as a resource for pandemic-related updates on policy initiatives and business needs. It is the association’s central point of communication on the topic.

Feb. 5 – Reviewing US-EU MAG Change 8

The newest Maintenance Annex Guidance associated with the Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement between the United States and the European Union entered into force on March 19, 2021.

April 6 – Learning From Workforce Grant Submissions

The application period for the first round of FAA Workforce Grants closed on March 29 and ARSA continues seeking input from applicants regarding the experience.

Aug. 6 – Ending Maintenance Manual Rule Enforcement Inconsistency

On July 30, ARSA sent a letter to the FAA and the U.S. DOT urging leaders to use a new White House executive order as a tool to correct errors in ICA enforcement.

Sep. 3 – Recruiting the President

On Aug. 5, ARSA joined a coalition of aviation stakeholders in a letter to President Biden outlining government actions to support technician career development.

Oct. 1 – A Veteran at Lifelong Learning — 2021 Scholarship Winner Fawn Carrington

In September, ARSA awarded its 2021 scholarship to Fawn Carrington of Tulsa Technology Center. Carrington is an Air Force veteran committed to aviation education for life


Legal Briefs

May 7 – Document, Document, Document … Using ARSA’s Tools

As they say, “hope for the best, but plan for the worst.” That means documenting more than maintenance and compliance activities!

June 4 – An Ounce of Prevention…

On May 5, a former legal analyst in the FAA’s Office of Chief Counsel’s Enforcement Division was sentenced to 36 months’ probation after pleading guilty to one count of disclosure of confidential information. The case got ARSA thinking about the legal protections in place for the data that members provide to the FAA and the need to be proactive in protecting that information.

July 2 – NTSB and FOIA Exemption 5

Another installment in the ongoing discussion about protecting information submitted to the government.

Dec. 3 – Layman Lawyer — Persistence No Matter the Task

ARSA does not believe in allowing the government to blatantly ignore the authority provided by the plain language of the law, no matter how trivial the specifics.


ARSA on the Hill

April 6 – ARSA, AAR’s Holmes Laud Duckworth

ARSA presented its 2021 Legislative Leadership Award to Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.) as part of the association’s Legislative Day on March 10. The honor is given annually to a member of Congress who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to the aviation maintenance community.

June 4 – Workforce Is Priority for Proposed Aviation Advancement Center

Senators Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) and Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.), longtime champions for U.S. aerospace jobs, are leading a new effort to strengthen America’s 21st century aviation workforce.

July 2 – Model Grassroots Engagement

Aviation Safety Products President Todd Mathews has learned relationships on Capitol Hill are important for his business’ success.

Oct. 1 – Contacting Congress is Easy

Thanks to generous support from ARSA member Aircraft Electric Motors, the association has an important tool to increase aviation maintenance professionals’ impact on Capitol Hill.

Nov. 5 – Congress Takes Dickson to Task

FAA Administrator Dickson appeared at a House Aviation Subcommittee hearing on Oct. 21 to review implementation of the 2020 Aircraft Certification, Safety, and Accountability Act.


Regulatory Updates

Feb. 5 – FAA Activates “Dynamic Regulatory System”

The system combines more than 65 document types from more than a dozen different repositories into a single searchable application, centralizing guidance material from the Flight Standards Information System and the agency’s Regulatory and Guidance Library.

April 6 – ARAC Recruiting Repairman Working Group

On March 18, the FAA’s Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee accepted a congressionally mandated task to explore repairman certificate portability. ARSA has pressed the issue on both legislative and regulatory fronts in order to enhance maintenance technician career pathways and support better personnel practices at repair stations.

June 4 – Lesson of FAA Workforce Roundtable – Keep Talking

On May 19, the FAA hosted an online Aerospace Workforce Roundtable headlined by Administrator Dickson and Deputy Administrator Mimms.

Oct. 1 – DOT Announces $482M in Jobs Program Awards
On Sept. 14, the U.S. Department of Transportation announced it will offer $482.3 million in funding to 313 businesses in 37 states and Puerto Rico under the Aviation Manufacturing Jobs Protection Program. DOT estimates the investment will protect as many as 22,500 jobs nationwide.



April 6 – 3 Sessions on Part 43
These sessions overview key elements of “the mechanic’s bible.”

July 2 – Effective Comments and the Fourth Branch of Government
Maintenance providers need to understand the administrative agencies overseeing the industry and recognize how and when to engage in the process in order to better the system.

Aug. 6 – Parts Documentation Under the U.S.-EU MAG

For years, ARSA lead an industry-wide effort to “smooth” implementation of parts documentation issues in the U.S.-EU Maintenance Annex Guidance. Take advantage of that experience and learn to utilize the association’s Form E100 as a method of compliance.

Nov. 5 – Getting Simpler on IA Renewal

On Oct. 28, ARSA submitted comments to the FAA on Draft Advisory Circular 65-IART, which would overhaul the agency’s acceptance of training for Inspection Authorization renewal credit. The association continued its years-long effort to eliminate cumbersome, time-bound reviews of individual training courses.



April 6 – ARSA Remembers Weston by Honoring Mickler

On March 11 during the third day of its 2021 Annual Conference, ARSA recognized Thomas Mickler as the 2021 recipient of the Leo Weston Award for Excellence in Service to Aviation Safety.

June 4 – Email Safety

ARSA would never knowingly allow an outside party to solicit its members without clearly explaining the organization’s relationship to the association. The association encourages all members to remain familiar with legitimate communication practices and report fraudulent messages to the appropriate government entity.

July 2 – A Member Asked…A Blind Umpire?

Are you aware of a vision test, (e.g., Jaeger #2) requirement for maintenance personnel other than those performing NDI/NDT or Welding tasks? We have local policies that require inspectors to have vision tests, but I trying to run down any regulatory requirements.

Nov. 5 – ARSA Remembers — Gary Hudnall (1961-2021)

“Gary’s heart and passion encompassed the industry, which made him an invaluable asset to and member of the association’s board. It was his ability to impart knowledge in his daily work that will be etched in our memories.”


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ARSA strives to provide resources to educate the general public about the work of the association’s member organizations; should you need to provide a quick reference or introductory overview to the global MRO industry, please utilize

Anti-Viral Measures

For the use of its members and the larger aviation community, ARSA is maintaining this page as a resource for pandemic-related updates on policy initiatives and business needs. It is the association’s central point of communication on the topic.


On June 23, 2016, citizens of the United Kingdom voted to withdraw from the European Union in a national referendum. Fifty-two percent of voters voted for the UK to “leave” the political and economic union joining it to 27 other member states.

Resources for Dealing with the Government

As a repair station, dealing with the government, particularly the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is inevitable. Building a good relationship with government officials in good times will help keep the bad times at bay.

Industry News Roundup

ARSA monitors media coverage on aviation maintenance to spread the word about the valuable role repair stations play globally by providing jobs and economic opportunities and in civic engagement. These are some of this month’s top stories highlighting the industry’s contributions. You can explore these stories through ARSA’s Dispatch news portal.


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Industry Calendar

Conference Dates Location
Aero-Engines Americas 1/26-28/2022 Miami, FL
MRO Latin America 2/9-10/2022 Cancún, MX
MRO Middle East 2/22-23/2022 Dubai, UAE
HAI Heli-Expo 3/7-10/2022 Dallas, TX
ARSA Annual Conference 3/8-11/2022 Washington, DC
WAI Annual Women in Aviation Conference 3/17-19/2022 Nashville, TN
ATEC Annual Conference 3/20-23/2022 Fort Worth, TX
AEA International Convention and Trade Show 3/28-31/2022 New Orleans, LA
Purdue University National Aviation Symposium 4/6-8/2022 West Lafayette, IN
ABACE 4/12-14/2022 Shanghai
MRO Americas 4/26-28/2022 Dallas, TX
NBAA Maintenance Conference 5/3-5/2022 San Antonio, TX
EBAA-EBACE2022 5/23-25/2022 Geneva, Switzerland
MRO BEER 6/15-16/2022 Istanbul, Turkey
MRO Asia-Pacific 9/20-22/2022 Singapore
NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE) 10/18-20/2022 San Antonio, TX
EASA Rotorcraft and VTOL Symposium 11/16-18/2022 Koelnmesse, Germany

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