2023 – Edition 12 – Year in Review

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Year in Review
Conference Corner
December’s Work
Our 2023
Upcoming Events

Year in Review

Looking Around

The December edition of the hotline (which you’re reading) always recaps key events from the previous year. Though ARSA’s work is constant, this regular opportunity to look back – and catch up – is a way to see how the path leads ahead.

Walk through the most important hotline stories from 2023 below; they follow a few “live” updates from December. Each story will take you to the edition in which it originally appeared, so be sure to check for updates on issues you find particularly important.

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Conference Corner

2024 Annual Conference – Register Now

March 12-15, 2024

Arlington, Virginia and Washington, D.C. with Livestream Options for Online Participants

Event Information | Registration | Hotel Reservations (Book by Feb 16.)

Experience the maintenance community’s premier event. Join ARSA members and invited guests from around the world to engage governments, network with peers and improve the state of the aviation world. In-person attendees may select a “Conference Ambassador” to receive free livestream access back at the fixed location.


December’s Work

Digitalization, SMS Loom Large at MMT

ARSA Executive Vice President Christian A. Klein returned from Cologne on Dec. 2 after participating in the annual Maintenance Management Team (MMT) meeting. Through the MMT, four of the leading aviation authorities – the FAA, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), Transport Canada Civil Aviation, and Brazil’s Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil (ANAC) – meet and coordinate bilateral and multilateral activities. The meeting, which includes an industry day, provides an opportunity for stakeholders to raise issues to regulators and learn more about the status of bilateral negotiations.

Two topics were front and center at this year’s meeting: digitalization and Safety Management Systems (SMS). Klein presented the results of a survey conducted by ARSA and other MMT participants including the Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA) and the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) about the use of digital technology in the global maintenance industry. Among other things, Klein reported that outdated policies and inconsistent interpretations are slowing digitalization, particularly in the areas of records and signatures.

Other conclusions of the survey:

  • Technology is evolving more quickly than regulatory standards.
  • Paper recordkeeping requirements inhibit safety improvement (data gathering, trend analysis, etc.)
  • Industry is embracing digitalization when agency rules do not inhibit doing so.
  • The lack of performance-based standards, regulations, guidance and policy is an impediment to adopting new and more efficient technologies.

The MMT Digitalization Working Group urged that future bilateral agreements allow for new formats for parts documentation to pave the way for unique identification of each part via RFID, Blockchain, and other technologies. Regulators were also urged to agree on maintenance data standards based on lessons learned from the sharing of operational data, to enhance data availability, and to facilitate the acceptance of multilateral releases for return to service.

AEA Vice President for Government and Industry Affairs Ric Peri led the SMS discussion. He reviewed the various authorities’ current SMS requirements for repair stations. Of particular note, effective Dec. 2, 2024, all EASA Part-145 approved maintenance organizations (i.e., those with certificates directly from EASA, not via a bilateral) must have implemented an SMS. While the FAA has foregone requiring SMS for repair stations, a future revision to the Maintenance Annex Guidance (MAG) for the FAA-EASA bilateral will extend the requirement to U.S. repair stations with EASA approval. (Note: ARSA members have access to AEA’s SMS resources. For more information, click here.)

Industry asked that regulators continue to accept the industry’s SMS standard as a means of compliance with existing regulations, coordinate to assure compatibility and alignment with future regulation, support approved maintenance organization (AMO) voluntarily adoption of the industry standard, and wait to implement SMS requirements via MAGs until after EASA Part 145 SMS requirements are fully implemented (i.e., post December 2024), allowing other repair stations to benefit from lessons learned during the implementation process.

Other important takeaways from the meeting:

  • The FAA expects to sign new Maintenance Implementation Procedures (MIP) with TCCA in the second quarter of 2024 and expects to sign an updated MAG (Rev. 9) with EASA next year.
  • TCCA and ANAC plan to ink a new Technical Arrangement – Maintenance (TA-M) in January 2024; it will only require supplement approvals for organizations performing maintenance on products (aircraft, engines, and propellors).
  • FAA and ANAC signed a MIP in 2018 and a MAG in 2023. Publication is expected early next year.
  • EASA and TCCA are on track to sign a revised Annex B providing in the first quarter of 2024.
  • A revision to Annex B of the EASA-ANAC bilateral went into effect in March 2023.

For more information about becoming involved in the MMT, ask ARSA.

Safety Management Systems Program


FAA Releases Foreign D&A Testing Proposal

On Dec. 7, the FAA published its notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) “Drug and Alcohol Testing of Certificated Repair Station Employees Located Outside of the United States.”

Comments on the proposal are due on Feb. 5, 2024. ARSA’s team is coordinating industry response to the NPRM, which will begin with a request for comment extension. During this time, the association encourages its members to review the agency’s proposal and also the industry’s past work regarding D&A testing requirements. To do so, visit

To view the NPRM, click here.


ARSA Appointed to Aerospace Supply Chain Task Force

On Dec. 11, the U.S. Department of Transportation published a notice of its establishment of an Aerospace Supply Chain Resiliency Task Force. ARSA Executive Director Sarah MacLeod was selected as one of 16 primary members with demonstrated “expertise in logistics, economics, supply chain management, or another field or discipline related to the resilience of industrial supply chains.” Christian Klein, ARSA executive vice president, will serve as alternate.

The task force’s creation was mandated by the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023. That law, passed in December 2022, directed the executive branch to establish the group in order to: “Identify and assess risks to the United States aerospace supply chains, including the availability of raw materials and critical manufactured goods, with respect to major end items produced by the aerospace industry.”

DOT specifically requested ARSA join the body, the association’s understanding of how the aviation safety rules interrelate – what it calls the “regulatory chain” or “circle of safety” – lends naturally to the needs of such a multi-disciplinary body.

The task force must submit its report to Congress within one year of its first meeting. DOT has established a website for the public to utilize in tracking the task force’s work. To see this resource, visit

To read the Federal Register notice announcing the task force’s establishment, click here.

The maintenance community should stay tuned to ARSA communications for updates.

In addition to ARSA, the following organizations – most of which are regular allies of the association in its advocacy – are represented on the task force:

Aerospace Industries Association (AIA)
Air Traffic Control Association (ATCA)
Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA)
Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA)
Airlines for America (A4A)
Association for Uncrewed Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI)
Commercial Spaceflight Federation (CSF)
Flight Safety Foundation (FSF)
General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA)
Helicopter Association International (HAI)
International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW)
International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers (IFPTE)/Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace (SPEEA)
National Air Transportation Association (NATA)
National Business Aviation Association (NBAA)
Professional Aviation Safety Specialists (PASS)
Transport Workers Union of America (TWU)


Public Aircraft “Decision Tree” [30 Minute Training, On-demand]

PAO Law & Policy into Practice

This session provides participants with a tool for determining applicability of public aircraft policy to aircraft operations. It is targeted at professionals with basic competency in existing PAO law. This training builds on cumulative information provided in the pre-requisite sessions (see the sessions below). Participants must be able to answer the pre-test questions before the session begins (click here to take the pre-test; a score will be provided as soon as complete).

Click here to register for on-demand access.

If you needed help with the pre-test questions, the “definition” series is combined into a single package (scroll down or click here for more information).


Welcome & Welcome Back – New & Renewing Members [Full Year]

ARSA’s members give the association life – its work on behalf of the maintenance community depends on the commitment of these organizations. Here’s to the companies that joined or renewed in 2023.

New Members


Aircraft Specialists Inc., R02
Avocet Aviation Services, LLC, R03
Morgan Stonefield, EDU


L2 Consulting, Inc. dba L2 Aviation, R04
Liebert Aviation, LLC dba Performance Flight, R02
Tommy Vining, EDU


Aero Accessories & Repair, Inc., R04
TAIGLOBAL Group, LLC, Assoc.


Arinwine Aircraft Maintenance Services, LLC dba F&E Aircraft MaintenanceR03
Aviation Repair Technical Inc., R01
Calibro Avionics, LLCR01
Lycoming EnginesR03


Farsound Aviation Limited, Assoc



Airborne Aviation Hawaii, R01
Alpha-Tech Aviation Services, Inc., R02
Little Wolf Consulting, LLC, Affil
Marana Aerospace Solutions, Inc. dba Ascent Aviation Services, R06
Thrust Tech Accessories Inc., R03


AMETEK Aircraft Parts & Accessories, Inc., R03
Crew Aviation LLC, R01
Diversified Aero Repair, LLC, R01
Jeronimo Gracian, Affil
Illuminair Support, Corp., R03
Summit Aerospace, Inc., R05


Global Technik Group, R01
The Aviation Group, R01


Aviation Services of TN Inc., R01
Infinity Flight Group LLC, R02
New Image Aero Interiors-dba NIA Interiors, R01
Strix Aero LLC, Assoc


Sterling, Tyler, Affil


Axxeum, Inc., R01
IAG Aero Group Engine Field Services, LLC, R01
University of Alaska Anchorage Aviation Technology Division , EDU

Renewed Members (Member Since)


Aerotech Engineering Consultants, Affil, 2016
Air-Cert, LLC, R01, 1990
Aircraft Component Repair, Inc., R03, 1987
Alirio Aircraft Services Inc. dba 24Jets, R01, 2019
AvidAir Helicopter Supply, Inc., R01, 2011
C&S Propeller, LLC, R02, 2016
Classic Service Center LLC dba Helicopter Services of Utah, R02, 2021
Consolidated Turbine Specialists, LLC, R03, 2018
Continental Aircraft Support, Inc., R03, 2004
Corporate Service Supply & Manufacturing, Inc., R01, 2016
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Inc., EDU, 2012
First Class Air Repair, R02, 2016
Gables Engineering, Inc., Assoc., 1995
Genesis Aviation, Inc., R04, 1994
Gyros Unlimited dba North Bay Aviation, R03, 2011
LAUNCH Technical Workforce Solutions, LLC, R01, 2019
 Mid-Continent Instruments & Avionics, R04, 1998
Ohlinger Industries, Inc., R04, 2006
Pem-Air, LLC, R01, 2021
Aerospace Quality Research & Development 145, LLC, R01, 2006
S.E.A.L. Aviation  LLC, R03, 2014
Skytech Aviation, Inc., R01, 2013
Spirit AeroSystems, Inc., R04, 2005
Tarrant County College, EDU, 2017
Tinker Airforce Base – Flight Standards Management Office, R01, 2022
ST Engineering North America, Inc, Corp, 2006
Team J.A.S., Inc., R02, 2004
TMC Engine Center, Inc., R02, 2021


Aero Hydraulics, Inc., R01, 2021
AeroParts Manufacturing & Repair, Inc., R04, 2016
AeroRepair Corp., R03, 2012
AerSale Component Solutions, R03, 2013
AerSale Roswell Aircraft MRO Operations Center, R05, 2011
Airborne Maintenance & Engineering Services dba PEMCO World Air Services, R06, 2022
Alpha Aircraft Services of America, Inc., R01, 2012
Answers Aerospace Engineering LLC, R01, 2021
ATP USA, Inc, R01, 2017
Avgroup, Inc., Ro1, 2022
Aviation Avionics & Instruments, Inc., R03, 2012
Barfield, Inc., R05, 1995
Barfield Precision Electronics, LLC, R04, 1996
Cadorath Aerospace Lafayette, LLC, R03, 2005
Chromalloy, Corp, 1993
Colorado Northwestern Community College, EDU, 2021
Compressed Gas Systems, LLC, R03, 2012
Helimax Aviation, Inc., R03, 2019
INAir Aviation Services Company, R02, 2003
Mingo Aerospace, L.L.C, R03, 2005
Precision Airparts Support Services, Inc. , R02, 2021
Prime Turbines, LLC , R03, 2021
Rapco, Inc., Assoc., 1990
S3 AeroDefense, LLC, R02, 2010
Sky Aircraft Maintenance, LLC, R01, 2021
Tailwind Inspection, Inc., R01, 2006
TSA Rewinds Florida, Inc. dba Aircraft Armature Inc. , R02, 2019
Turbine Aircraft Logistics, LLC, R01, 2021
Western Aero Repair, Inc., R03, 2011
Windsor Airmotive West Chester Division-Barnes Aerospace, R04, 1995


Accurate Accessories, LLC, R01, 2002
AEE-EMF, Inc. d.b.a. Aircraft Electrical Electronics, R01, 2009
AeroKool Aviation Corporation, R03, 2017
AERO Component Repair, LLC, R01, 2011
Av8 MRO LLC, R03, 2014
Avionics Shop, Inc., R01,
Cargo Systems, Inc., R01, 1999
Cobalt Aero Services LLC, R03, 2012
Gardner Aviation Specialist, Inc. dba Precision Aircraft Services, R01, 2018
Harman’s Repair Station, Inc., R01, 2012
IAR Technical Services dba Interantional Air Response, R02, 2017
IHI Corporation, R06, 2019
Liebherr-Aerospace Saline, Inc., R05, 2006
Master Air Parts, Inc., R01, 2013
Moog, Inc., Corp, 1997
PropWorks Propeller Systems, R02, 2021
Rotortech Services, Inc., R02, 2019
Scott Richard Aircraft Maintenance, R02, 2010
SONICO, Inc., R02, 1995
Thales Avionics, Inc., R04, 2006
The Giles Group Inc., Affil, 2013
Toledo Jet Center, LLC, R03, 2010
Wencor, LLC, Corp, 2018
World Class Accessory, Inc., R01, 2007


Advanced Composite Structures Florida LLC, R03, 2015
Aero Systems, LLC , R01, 2022
Air Transport Components, LLC, R03, 2015
Aircraft Electric Motors, Inc., R04, 1984
All Nippon Airways Co., LTD, Assoc, 2001
Erickson Incorporated dba Erickson Air-Crane, R05, 1997
Lufthansa Technik AG, Corp, 2001
Pac West Helicopters, Inc., R01, 2009
Southwest Aerospace Technologies, LLC, R01, 2019
TAE Aerospace, Inc., R01, 2019
Triumph Airborne Structures, LLC, Corp., 2003


Aeroneuf Instruments Ltd., R02, 2022
Aerospace Turbine Rotables, Inc.-Texas, R01, 2016
Aeroworx, Inc, Ro2, 2010
AOG Reaction, Inc., R02, 1993
Aviation Instruments Repair Specialists (AIRS), Inc., R03, 2022
Aviation Safety Products, Inc., R01, 2013
Business Jet Access, R02, 2021
Coopesa, R.L., R06, 1996
Earp Aviation Repairs LLC, R02, 2019
EcoServices, LLC, R02, 2020
Fleet Support Services, Inc., R01, 2013
Ford Instruments & Accessories, LLC, R01, 2018
GA Telesis Component Repair Group Southeast, LLC, R04, 2022
Heliblade, LLC dba Heliblade International Inc., R01, 2022
Honeywell International, Inc., Corp, 1996
Houston Aircraft Instruments, Inc., R01, 2002
L. J. Walch Co., Inc., R03, 1985
Ozark Aeroworks, LLC , R02, 2015
Piedmont Propulsion Systems, LLC, R04, 2011
Pennsylvania State University, R01, 2016
Quality Aviation Instruments, Inc. dba QAI Aerospace, R03, 2012
Southwest Airlines, R06, 2005
Vibrant Corporation, R02, 2021


Aviation Communication & Surveillance Systems, LLC, R02, 2002
Eastern Airlines Technic Co., Ltd., R04, 2017
Florida Jet Center, Inc., R02, 2013
Lynden Air Cargo, LLC, Assoc, 2000
Marvel-Schebler Aircraft Carburetors, LLC, R02, 2011
Metro Aviation, Inc., Assoc, 2003
MT Texas, LLC, R03, 1990
MTU Maintenance Hannover GmbH, R06, 2007
NAASCO Northeast Corporation, R02, 2002
National Flight Services, Inc., R04, 1991
Pacific Aerospace, LLC, R01, 2005
Performance Repair Group, LLC, R02, 2013
SAI Flight Support Company, R01, 2016
S & T Aircraft Accessories, Inc., R02, 2003
Turbine Weld Industries, LLC, R03, 2020
Twin Manufacturing Co., dba TWIN MRO, R04, 1993
Unicorp Systems, Inc., R03, 2003


Aero Design Services, Inc., Affil, 2000
Aerospace Engineering Group, S.L., R03, 2014
Aerotron AirPower, Inc. dba Fokker Services Americas, R04, 1990
Airbus Americas, Inc., Assoc, 1995
Air Cargo Equipment, Inc., R01, 2010
Aircraft Ducting Repair, Inc., R03, 2002
Aircraft Specialties, Inc., R03, 2019
AllFlight Corporation, R03, 2011
Ametek Ameron, LLC dba Ameron Global Product Support, R01, 1989
Atlantic Cape Community College, Edu, 2022
Aviation Repair Resources, Inc. (ARR), R02, 2009
Bemidji Aviation Services, Inc., R03, 2017
Boeing Company, Corp., 1996
Cosgrove Aircraft Services, Inc., R01, 2021
Eagle Creek Aviation Services, Inc., R04, 2016
E.U.A. Air Support, Inc., R01, 2003
EXTEX Engineered Products, Inc., Assoc, 2002
F&E Aircraft Maintenance (Miami) L.L.C , R06, 2012
General MRO Aerospace, Inc., R03, 2015
Jet Center MFR dba Southern Oregon Skyways, R02, 2006
MTI Aviation, Inc., R02, 2011
Nampa Valley Helicopters, Inc., R02, 1993
Paz Aviation, Inc., R02, 2016
R.W. Raddatz, Inc., R03, 2004
Raytheon Technologies Corporation, Corp., 1997
Southern Air Repair, Corp., R01, 2016
Southwest Airmotive Corp., R01, 2012
Tennessee Aircraft Company, Inc., R01, 2012
Texas Air Services, Inc., R02, 2003
Zee Company, Inc., R02, 2019
Warner Propeller and Governor Co., LLC, R02, 2010


Aero Instruments & Avionics, Inc., R04, 1991
Aero-Mark MRO, LLC-dba Certified Aviation Services, R02, 2015
Aerospace Welding Minneapolis, Inc. , R01, 2020
Aeronautical Technology, Inc. dba Precision Aero Technology, R03, 1993
Aircraft Lighting International, Inc., R01, 2018
Airframe Components by Williams, Inc., R02, 2003
Arkwin Industries, Inc., R02, 1994
Aviation Repair Solutions, Inc., R02, 2006
Construction Helicopters, Inc. dba CHI Aviation, R02, 2022
Cross-Check Aviation, R02, 2003
Curtiss-Wright Actuation Systems, R03, 2003
Gyro Specialist, Inc., R01, 2011
HEICO Aerospace Corporation, Corp, 1992
Hot Section Technologies, Inc. , R02, 2017
IBM Flight Operations, Assoc, 1997
International Turbine Industries, LLC, R02, 2010
Miami Aircraft Structures, Inc., R02, 2003
Millennium International, L.L.C., R02, 2013
NFF Avionics Services, Inc. dba NFF Aviation Services, R02, 2010
Palm Beach Aircraft Propellers, Inc., R02, 2001
Pearl River Community College, EDU, 2020
PT. Wira Jasa Angkasa , R03, 2021
REB Technologies Inc., dba REBTECH, R02, 2003
Regional Avionics Repair, LLC, R03, 2006
Rotorcraft Repair & Manufacturing, LLC, R01, 2019
Signature Engines, Inc., R02, 2017
STS Aviation Group, Corp, 2020
Vanguard Aerospace, LLC, R01, 2022


Aircraft Inspection Services, Inc., R01, 2013
Airforce Turbine Service, Ltd., R02, 2010
AllClear Aerospace & Defense, Inc. dba AllClear Repair Services, Inc., R03, 2022
Ameron Global Product Support, R02, 2004
Calvin Taff Electronics, Inc., R01, 2003
CorpAir Supply Company, Inc. dba AVMATS Component Support, R02, 2001
Dassault Falcon Jet do Brazil, R02, 2010
Empire Airlines, Inc. dba  Empire Aerospace, R04, 2002
Engine Disassembly Services, Inc. dba Engine Overhaul Services, R01, 2018
Fieldtech Avionics & Instruments, Inc., R04, 2016
Intrepid Aerospace, Inc., R02, 2016
JET Aircraft Maintenance, Inc., R04, 2010
Jordan Propeller Service, Inc., R02, 2002
Midwest Turbine Service, LLC, R01, 2015
Pacific Aero Tech, LLC, R03, 1994
Peter Stonefield, Affil, 2010
Rotron, Inc. dba Ametek Rotron, R02, 2016
Sherwood Avionics & Accessories, Inc. dba Sherwood Aviation, R04, 2021
Team Aerospace, Inc., R01, 2005
Tech-Aire Instruments, Inc., R01, 2012
Thomas Global Systems, LLC, R02, 2012
Trace Aviation, R02, 2017
Turbine Standard, Ltd., R03, 2003
Unical 145, Inc., R04, 2012
Unipak Aviation, LLC, R02, 2003
VSE Aviation Services, Co., R01, 2012
Wavestream Corporation, R04, 2021


A Plus Avionics Corp. dba AvionTEq, R01, 2020
A.O.G Aircraft Services Inc., R01, 2018
AAR Corp., Corp, 1985
AerSale Goodyear Aircraft Operations Center, R04, 2015
Aerospace Turbine Rotables, Inc., R04, 2011
Aircraft Systems Division of Com-Jet Corp, R03, 2011
AirMetrics, Inc., R01, 2019
Aviation Blade Services Inc., R02, 2018
Aviation & Marketing International, Inc., R01, 2021
Bridger Aviation Repair LLC dba Bridger Aerospace, R03, 2019
Columbia Helicopters, Inc., R06, 1998
Commercial Jet, Inc., R04, 1999
Component Repair Technologies, Inc., R05, 1995
Dan Brauhn-Indian Hills Community College, Edu, 2015
EuroTec Vertical Flight Solutions, LLC, R02, 2004
Evans Composites, Inc., R03, 2022
Federal Aerospace Institute LLC, Edu, 2021
Federal Express Corporation, Assoc, 2000
First Aviation Services, Inc., Assoc, 2018
Fortner Accessory Service Corp., R01, 2002
Gulf Aerospace, Inc., R02, 2005
HAECO Americas, Corp, 2000
JETTECH, L.L.C., R02, 2021
Midway Aircraft Instrument Corporation dba Midway Aerospace, R02, 2004
Offshore Helicopter Support Services, Inc. dba DART Aerospace, R02, 2019
PPG Industries Inc.-dba PPG Aerospace Transparencies, R02, 2005
Repairtech International, Inc., R03, 1992
Safran Nacelles Services Americas, LLC, R01, 2017
Schaeffler Aerospace USA Corporation, R02, 2012
Soniq Aerospace, LP, R01, 2016
Southwind Aviation Supply, LLC, R02, 2008
Turbines, Inc., R02, 2017
Yuba-Sutter Aviation, R01, 2018


AE & C Services, LLC, R01, 2017
Aero Products Component Services, Inc., R03, 2019
AerSale Landing Gear Solutions, R03, 2009
Airborne Maintenance and Engineering Services, Inc., R$06, 2010
Aircraft Accessories of Oklahoma, Inc., R03, 2022
Air Technology Engines, Inc., R03, 2006
Austin Aerotech Repair Services Inc., R01, 2012
Brothers Aviation Maintenance Services, Inc., R01, 2016
Daniel, Michael, EDU, 2020
Dassault Falcon Jet Corp. , R05, 2002
Helicopter Accessory Service East Inc., R02, 2018
Ikhana Group, LLC dba Ikhana Aircraft Services, R04, 2003
L2 Aviation LLC. dba L2 Consulting Services Inc., R04, 2023
Liebherr-Aerospace Saline, Inc., R05, 2006
Mach II Maintenance Corp., R04, 2018
Quality Aircraft Accessories, Inc. (FL), R01, 2021
Quality Aircraft Accessories, Inc. (OK), R03,
Papillon Airways, R03, 2011
Rapco Fleet Support, Inc., R01, 2008
StandardAero Alliance, Inc., Corp, 2010
US Technicians, Inc., R01, 2021


Air Shunt Instruments, Inc., R02, 1999
Aircraft Specialists Inc., R02, 2023
Avocet Aviation Services, LLC, R03, 2023
C&S Propeller, LLC, R02, 2016
Carbon Component Tech Services, LLC, R01, 2019
Carpe Diem Aviation Services of Missouri, Inc., R02, 2012
Citadel Completions LLC, R04, 2018
Cobalt Aero Services LLC, R03, 2012
Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, Corp, 1999
LAUNCH Technical Workforce Solutions, LLC, R01, 2019
Mid-Continent Instrument Co., Inc. dba Mid-Continent Instruments & Avionics, R04, 1998
Moog, Inc., Corp, 1997
MRO Holdings, Corp, 2017
Nelson Engineering Co., R02, 2013
Parker Lord , R04, 2002
Pem-Air, LLC, R02, 2021
SkyWest Airlines, Inc., Assoc., 2010
Tailwind Inspection, Inc., R01, 2006
TMC Engine Center, Inc., R02, 2021
Turbine Controls, Inc., R04, 1988


Final Documents/Your Two Cents

This list includes Federal Register publications, such as final rules, Advisory Circulars and policy statements, as well as proposed rules and policies of interest to ARSA members from December 2023.

To view the list, click here.


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Aviation Life Calendar

January Through April

Something exciting happens every day in an aviation career.

If you want to keep aviation in the forefront of career choices, celebrate success every day with these resources. Every one provides a positive view of the industry’s ability to make the impossible an everyday event by individuals from every walk of life, socio-economic level, race, creed, color, religion, orientation, and physical capability.

Check back regularly for updates.

Month Day Event or Celebration
All All This Day in Aviation
January All This Day in Aviation History – January
January 9 National Balloon Ascension Day
February All This Day in Aviation History – February
February 8 National Kite Flying Day
February 11 International Day of Women and Girls in Science
February 18 National Battery Day
February 18-24 National Engineers Week
March All This Day in Aviation History – March
March All International Women’s History Month
March 1-7 National Invest in Veterans Week
March 4-10 Women of Aviation Worldwide Week
March 8 International Women’s Day
March 12-15 ARSA Annual Conference
April All This Day in Aviation History – April
April 12 International Day for Human Space Flight
April 25 National Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day

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Our 2023

Each story will take you to the hotline in which it appeared (which means readers should beware the timeliness of references and seek follow up on key issues).

Leading Off

Executive Eye Opener

February: While a full day of meetings might evoke a sense of despair, the Annual Conference brings something different to the association’s most-committed members during the Executive to Executive Briefings.

State of the Association

March: During ARSA’s Annual Member Meeting on Friday, March 17, ARSA President Josh Krotec provided members an update on the state of the association. His presentation – both the recording taken from the event livestream and a copy of his prepared remarks – are provided for the benefit of members.

Ad(d) Value

June: ARSA members have already reaped several benefits since the board approved the “big takeover” of the association’s communications. It is time to expand those benefits by improving advertising value.

A Good Penny

November: ARSA’s newly elected President Gary Fortner turns the caring humor of the association’s executive director into an education on the value of collective investment.


ARSA Works

MacLeod Selected for ODA Panel

February: On Jan. 5, the FAA notified ARSA it had selected Executive Director Sarah MacLeod to serve on the Organization Designation Authorization Expert Panel.

Bilateral Working Group Reviewing Parts Documentation Issues

March: On March 15, ARSA received an interim response from EASA Flight Standards Director Jesper Rasmussen regarding new parts installed by U.S. repair stations during maintenance subject to the U.S.-EU bilateral agreement.

ARSA, AEA Push Back Against SMS Expansion

May: In joint comments submitted to the FAA on April 11, ARSA and the Aircraft Electronics Association opposed the potential expansion of the agency’s Safety Management System rules contained in 14 CFR part 5 to include repair stations certificated under part 145.

FAA Moving Towards D&A Testing Proposal

September: The FAA has delivered its proposed rule regarding foreign drug & alcohol testing programs to the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. The proposal text will not be available until it is published in the Federal Register for public comment, but OIRA’s review represents the first substantive activity on the issue since 2014.

Trust Your People, Not Paperwork

October: The distribution of “several” (a number apparently in the thousands) CFM56 engine parts with falsified Authorized Release Certificates has caught the attention of the general media and sparked a frenzied review by operators. This episode underscores the problem of prioritizing paperwork over technical know-how.

FAA, EASA Publish TIP 7 & Update AIR Contacts

December: On Nov. 6, ARSA discovered the publication of Revision 7 of the Technical Implementation Procedures related to the Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement between the United States and European Union. The new revision became effective on Nov. 18.


Legal Briefs

Layman Lawyer – Why Are We This Way?

April: The practical question imposed by bilateral aviation safety agreements is whether untangling the many strings attached outweighs any efficiencies gained. Figuring out the history of those strings and the bureaucracies that have tied them together is important for answering practical questions and perhaps improving the system.

Layman Lawyer – Playing with Definitions

August: On both the American football field and in regulatory compliance, the meaning of words – and getting them right – matters quite a lot.

Safety vs. Consistency

September: Old habits die hard. Despite bilateral statements about “mutual confidence,” international regulators have continued to focus on differences in rules that have no impact on safety resulting in compliance challenges for industry.

European Enlightenment

October: The FAA’s relationship with Europe predates EASA and decades of bilateral progress now threatens to be undone by a renewed focus on differences in the regulations rather than results.


ARSA on the Hill

Setting Priorities

March 3: On Feb. 28, ARSA delivered a letter to the chairs and ranking members of the House and Senate committees and subcommittees with jurisdiction over aviation. The document presents the repair station community’s priorities for this Congress’ next reauthorization of the FAA.

Senators Introduce Foreign Repair Station Bill

May: Senators Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va.) and Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) introduced legislation that would impose new rules on foreign repair stations performing heavy maintenance on U.S. air carrier aircraft.

ARSA-Supported FAA Bill Passes House

August: On July 20, the U.S. House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed the chamber’s bill to reauthorize the FAA: the Securing Growth and Robust Leadership in American Aviation Act (H.R. 3935).

Senate Confirms Whitaker

November: Whitaker faces many challenges as head of the agency, including filling leadership roles currently held by “acting” personnel, addressing FAA human resource gaps (including training), empowering decision-making within local FAA offices, improving consistency in policy interpretation and implementation, restoring industry confidence in the FAA, and rebuilding the agency’s international reputation and effectiveness.



“Moving Letter” Added to Tools for Members

March: The new template attempts to outline the information a company should provide to the FAA about its plans for moving to a new facility.

New FAA Repairman Application (and ARSA Template)

September: The FAA has issued new forms supporting airman applications for both mechanic and repairman certificates under part 65. A new repairman recommendation letter is available for ARSA members through the association’s model manuals and templates.

New Cross-Reference Matrices for Compliance with U.S./U.K. MAG

November: The tools are constructed to help repair stations trace compliance in their manual systems with the special conditions (and supplement guidance) established as part of the bilateral agreement between the United States and United Kingdom. The documents are now part of ARSA’s free “tools for members.”


Training & Career Development

Symposium Briefing – The Explorer Program

March: For the benefit of members, this introduction to Paul Lukas of the Boy Scouts of America Explorer Program has been selected out of the full “Young at Heart” panel discussion held during the Symposium portion of the Conference on March 16.

Doing It All – 2023 ARSA Scholarship Winner Joel Mink

April: The association encourages members to get to know this first-year student at Cincinnati State Technical and Community College, not only to learn about the value of the scholarship but also to see a great example of a future aviation professional.

On Demand – Part 43 for Repair Stations

June: On June 14, ARSA Vice President of Operations Brett Levanto lead an online training session covering 14 CFR part 43 that highlights the interplay between the maintenance rule and the standards for repair stations in part 145. The on-demand recording made during that live session is now available.

On-Demand – The Magic Form

October: Both of ARSA’s sessions explaining the policy issues and practical use of the FAA Form 8130-3 are available on-demand for immediate viewing (registration includes unlimited access for 90 days).



Quick Question Explored – SMS Proposed Rule

January: Despite the FAA’s SMS proposal’s (thankful) omission of 14 CFR part 145 from its applicability, new SMS requirements will still impact repair stations.

Advertising Beyond the Ordinary

June: Marketing to and by repair stations can find no better connection to core values in aviation than ARSA advertising. With the association in full control of its communications, options available to advertisers stretch beyond placement in periodicals or on the website.

Make Yourself New

September: Get into a “beginners’ mindset” with ARSA by hearing from Kimberly Dimmick about how she welcomes new members and take the encouragement to keep your company current.

Benefit Watch – SMS Program Update

October: Vice President of Membership Kimberly Dimmick reminds ARSA members in good standing about the newest member benefit to help small to medium sized aviation maintenance organizations proactively meet the international and business requirements for adopting an SMS.

Fortner Back to Top, LHT Back onto ARSA Board

November: “Gary and Rainer are the perfect ‘bookends’ for the board,” ARSA Executive Director Sarah MacLeod said. “While their board terms of service don’t align, both have been serving the aviation world and ARSA – from different sides of the Atlantic – for a significant portion of the association’s life. Having that kind of experience and breadth of representation is essential.”


A Member Asked…

A Member Asked…A Moving Experience?

February: We will be moving to a new facility at the end of Q2 2023. Is there a checklist for regulatory items that need to be accomplished?

A Member Asked…Audits for EASA?

June: Our new PMI wants us to delete the EASA Supplement matrix and replace it with a Product Audit Checklist. Did EASA change its guidance? Does ARSA have a template? (Spoiler: Yes.)

A Member Asked…DER Approval Authority?

July: Every now and then we are asked and must explain to a foreign company what DER-approved repairs are and that they are FAA approved. Can you provide a resource to help?

A Member Asked…I’m no longer qualified?

December: I have been employed with a company for 44+ years and supporting the repair station for 25+ years. I recently discovered that I am “no longer qualified” to sign an approval for return to service for work performed for our customers because I hold an FAA repairman’s certificate in lieu of a mechanic’s. Is there any direction or information you can provide that would help validate this?


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ARSA strives to provide resources to educate the general public about the work of the association’s member organizations; should you need to provide a quick reference or introductory overview to the global MRO industry, please utilize


ARSA’s Political Action Committee helps elect congressional candidates who share ARSA’s commitment to better regulation and a strong aviation maintenance sector.  But ARSA is prohibited from sending PAC information to members who haven’t opted in to receive it.

Careers in Aviation Maintenance

How do you share the industry’s story with the people who could be its future? Teach them about the great work done every day to keep the world in flight. (Even if we can’t recruit somebody, we sure can make them thankful for our work.) 

U.S./EU Maintenance Annex Guidance

See all of the association’s public updates since 2012 on the Maintenance Annex Guidance between the United States and European Union. The page focuses in particular on matters related to parts documentation issues arising since MAG Change 5 was issued in 2015.

The FAA Enforcement Process

There are several reasons the agency may open an enforcement investigative report (EIR). Complaints from former or current employees, routine surveillance of your operations or a problem from a customer are all examples of how an “investigation” starts.


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