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Part 145 – From Soup to Nuts

On Feb. 14, ARSA released its first intensive training: a four-hour exploration of 14 CFR part 145 by Executive Director Sarah MacLeod. Specially recorded with a hand-picked corps of live…Read More

Aviation Groups Seek Clarification on D&A Testing for Receiving Functions

On Feb. 15, a group of aviation industry members submitted a request to the FAA to clarify drug and alcohol testing requirements to individuals performing receiving functions on articles prior…Read More

FAA, Asia-Pacific Partners to Host Annual Industry Day

Each year the FAA’s Aircraft Certification Service (AIR) and the Civil Aviation Authorities in the Asia Pacific Region (APAC) gather to discuss the status of bilateral relationships with the United…Read More

Late Registration – Case Studies in D&A Testing

Finish off Marshall S. Filler’s extensive exploration of drug and alcohol testing requirements: See how you fare against a series of case studies that Filler “ripped from the headlines” (sort…Read More


ARSA Training – Upcoming Sessions

Live In Person*

Regulatory Training Sessions at HAI’s HELI EXPO, Mar. 6-7, 2017, Dallas, Texas
Regulations 101, Public Aircraft and Regulations Affecting Aircraft Parts.
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*Sessions provided by ARSA’s management firm, Obadal, Filler, MacLeod & Klein, P.L.C.

Live Online

D&A Testing – Case Study: Testing Your Knowledge
February 22, 2017

The Trump Administration and the 115th Congress – What to Expect
March 1, 2017

Spring Break for Symposium (No Sessions)
March 2-22, 2017

On Demand

ARSA maintains an ever-expanding library of on-demand recordings of its online training sessions. Each recording is available for unlimited viewing for 90 days after purchase. Click here to get started. Don’t see the training you need? Contact us and help get it developed.