SMS for ARSA Members

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SMS for ARSA Members

Aircraft Electronics AssociationARSA’s newest member benefit is available: Access to the Safety Management System (SMS) program managed by the Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA).

The two associations are longtime allies. From jointly commenting on rulemaking actions to co-chairing an FAA working group reconciling U.S. repair station regulations with associated guidance to sharing Conference presentations, ARSA and AEA collaborate closely to serve maintenance interests. That collaboration was bolstered through an agreement signed just before ARSA’s 2023 Annual Conference, during which AEA Vice President of Government & Industry Affairs Ric Peri led a breakout session on SMS programs.

Under that agreement, ARSA members in good standing may access the AEA-managed SMS program for an annual flat fee of $350. The program helps small-to-medium sized aviation maintenance organizations meet the international and business requirements for adopting an SMS. AEA provides online administrative tools through its password-protected website to support the company designated safety representative, or on-site SMS coordinator. The administrative tool and program are constructed around the principles created by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) for adoption by the civil aviation authorities.

Since signing the agreement, ARSA and AEA have worked out procedures to support cross-member access (including certain training benefits and other privileged access for association staff and team members). To obtain access to the AEA-managed SMS Program under ARSA’s partnership complete the request form at The page includes other information about the AEA-managed SMS program and how to obtain more details.

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