Membership Categories and Rates

Regular Membership

Business entities that hold a repair station certificate from an aviation authority and earn the majority of business revenue from repair activities are eligible for regular membership. Membership is assigned to the repair station certificate; separately certificated locations under one parent company must hold their own membership or join as a corporate member.

Annual dues for regular membership are based on the total number of company employees:

(R01) Regular (1-10 employees)


(R02) Regular (11-25 employees)


(R03) Regular (26-50 employees)


(R04) Regular (51-200 employees)


(R05) Regular (201-500)


(R06) Regular (501+)



Associate Membership

A business entity that derives a substantial portion of its revenue from services other than maintenance, preventative maintenance or alteration of civil aviation articles is eligible for Associate Membership. (examples—OEMs, airlines, training providers, non-profit)

Annual dues for associate membership: $3,600.00.

Corporate Membership

A business entity that has one or more constituent parts, divisions, or subsidiaries is eligible for Corporate Membership. All such entities would join under a single membership.

Annual dues for corporate membership: $20,000.00.

Affiliate Membership

An individual person who is substantially engaged in an aspect of the aviation industry and is not otherwise eligible for membership is eligible for Affiliate Membership.

Annual dues for individual membership: $500.00.


Educational Membership

An institution of learning or an individual enrolled at an institution of learning and not otherwise eligible for membership under another category, is eligible for a Educational Membership in the Association.

Annual dues for Educational membership: $100.00.


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