FAA, EASA Publish TIP 7 & Update AIR Contacts

On Nov. 6, ARSA discovered the publication of Revision 7 of the Technical Implementation Procedures related to the Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement between the United States and European Union. The new revision becomes effective on Nov. 18.

The TIP defines the FAA and EASA’s shared responsibilities related to approving design of products and articles eligible for import into each others’ jurisdictions. ARSA’s crusade that there be “no TIP without a MAG” in bilateral negotiations is a result of the long-term problems produced by this hyperfocus on design, production, and exports at the expense of holistically embracing every link in the regulatory chain. Historically, the FAA’s resources on bilateral agreements falls under its Aircraft Certification Service, which explains: “The U.S. only enters into Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement with Implementation Procedures for Airworthiness with countries that have an existing aircraft manufacturing industry with products to be exported to the U.S.”

The revision to the TIP comes as the agencies supposedly troubleshoot interpretations of parts documentation requirements stemming from a misunderstanding of export requirements for parts versus those for maintenance. For updates on ARSA’s work related to that misunderstanding, visit

Members can see more about the development of bilateral agreements via an ongoing series of Legal Briefs in the monthly hotline newsletter.

The FAA has also published new contact information for AIR offices covering bilateral issues. Click here to access the document, which was updated on Oct. 2.

ARSA is reviewing the new revision of the TIP (click here to download). Members should stay tuned for the November edition of the hotline for further information.

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