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Beyond Big Data Buzzwords

On Sept. 12, ARSA Vice President of Communications Brett Levanto spoke during FlightGlobal’s Big Data Americas event in Miami about aviation technology advancements and their impact on business and regulatory matters.

The two-day event had begun on Sept. 11 and featured presenters, panelists and participants from across the aviation world. It was the second installment of FlightGlobal’s series focusing on “Big Data”: operational information and analytical tools used to predict maintenance needs, improve system efficiency and reduce costs.

“I came here as much to learn as to share,” Levanto said, reflecting on the apparent disparity between the “buzzword” laden topics championed by aviation media and the actual interests of the small business-dominated repair station community. “We read all the time in the trade press about well-hyped developments like ‘big data,’ but for most of the industry these enhancements feel more myth than reality. I came here to try and decode that difference.”

Levanto participated in the panel discussion “How are data and technology developing a new ecosystem for maintenance?” He joined moderator Jon Hemmerdinger from FlightGlobal and Jazz Aviation’s Aircraft Contracts Manager Tiymor Kalimat. The three built off key topics that had emerged during the event’s first day; they explored data ownership, contracting requirements and likely regulator likely regulator responses to emerging technologies.

“The people performing this [analytical] work are pretty excited about it, so I allowed myself to become excited, too.” Levanto said. “Aircraft are already gathering and storing reems of data during each flight. Getting access to it in a timely manner, building mechanisms to analyze it, making predictions based on that analysis and providing transparent access to the entire process could be a transformational challenge for the industry.”

To learn more FlightGlobal’s continuing series of “Big Data” events, visit:

Talk Big Data with Brett

ARSA members and industry colleagues with experiences to share or questions about the use of analytical data and predictive maintenance should contact Levanto at

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